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  3. level with symbols that light up

User Info: cubegod69er

5 years ago#1
You have to light up 3 at a time. Anyone figured out how to do this?

User Info: Far-Queue

5 years ago#2
I'm thinking there must be three that match up somehow, but I haven't figured out the combination or found any clues.

User Info: Seibei4211

5 years ago#3
Come back to it later. There is a character who will give you the answer. When you match the three symbols, it leads to the ice cream guy you need for the trophy. There's nothing else in there though, so it's not super important for game progression.

User Info: james5037

5 years ago#4
As was said, there is a way to find out which symbols to light up in another section of the game. It can be a bit cryptic but if I can figure it out, so can you.

theres actually 2 different functions with the lights. One is the combination that you find from another character elsewhere in the game, the other is if you light up the 3 symbols that look like symbols from Journey.

User Info: Rwelean

5 years ago#5
there's also a Journey Easter Egg if you know how to find it :-)

User Info: wykah

5 years ago#6
pester the guy at the bottom of the pottery level 3 times
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  3. level with symbols that light up
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