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  3. Are the lockers random?

User Info: kongming84

1 year ago#1
If not, please send a link on what holds what. TIA
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User Info: CBASH13

10 months ago#2
Locker contents are randomized. I tested this, as I was in need of green gel. Opened a locker, got bullets, quit, loaded, and opened it again getting a different result. Repeated the process until I got the gel I needed.
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User Info: kayako

10 months ago#3
The order is random, but there's a limit to how much gels you can get, so it's not truly random.
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User Info: marthogly

6 months ago#4
I have found a trick that semi works though. If you find gel in a locker then if you open two lockers to the right or to the left then there is a very high chance that these lockers will have gel. It works in like 4 out of 5 times for me.

Also if a locker has a gel then the one right above or below it will probably not have one. Search the lockers diagonally left and right from the locker that has a gel if you want a higher chance of finding another one.

User Info: Foxhound3857

4 months ago#5
Somewhat. The contents of the lockers will always be the same across any given playthrough, but the order in which you receive its contents are randomized. I.E there will always be three lockers with Handgun bullets, one with 10, 15, and 20, there will always be two lockers with two syringes each, etc, but you never know when you'll get them. It could be on locker 6, it could be on locker 32.

Basically the game draws from a fixed list of contents, so you will always receive the exact same number of each individual item and gel for every playthrough, assuming all 45 lockers are opened. The only thing randomized is the order in which you receive those contents.
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