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User Info: AtlusSaGa

4 years ago#1
On semi-pro the braindead AI just lets me dribble and pass around statue defenders to easy 6 or 7 goal victories. Then I bump it up to pro and all of a sudden the worst teams in the world turn into merciless cyborgs who never make an error or give an inch. I figured this was because my team in manager mode was still pretty bad (Leeds) and getting frustrated I started a new one with Bayern Munich. Even with the best roster in the game I still can't break through bottom tier Bundesliga defenses.

Any time I try to go forward the cpu is immediately on me, and the passing in this game is so ****ing bad I'm pretty sure it's just random. I can be pointing the stick directly at an open man but for some reason the pass will target a covered guy all the way across the pitch, in some cases going right through the open man I thought I had targeted. Teammates NEVER ****ing move to the ball, always just standing like a statue as defenders turn on the jets to intercept what should be easy passes. I can try to switch control to the target and get it myself but like the passing, this seems to be random too, sometimes switching to players not even involved in the play.

Speed pretty much seems to be irrelevant. My attackers will NEVER outrun a defender regardless of attribute differences, making any kind of through ball game a waste of possession. I can play a perfect ball to a guy like Neymar and whatever crappy CB the other team has will ALWAYS catch him and stop the attack, no matter how big of an advantage my guy has. If I can manage to get something into the box the opposing defenders will almost always defy physics to somehow get a block on my shots. My only hope is getting lucky on a set piece or two and grinding out a 1-0 victory.

And when I do inevitably give the ball up all I can do is ****ing pray as the CPU effortlessly moves the ball through my parting defense. CPU controlled teammates just stand around as I mash on the player switch button trying to control a guy who can make a play, instead getting control of somebody nowhere near the ball. They brush off tackles with ease, make perfectly executed pass 100% of the time and there is just nothing I can do but try to contain and snuff out their attack in front of my net.

Now maybe this all wouldn't be so bad if the game didn't seem to turn off its superpowers when it decides to gift me a joke goal to make things more interesting. I don't even feel any sense of accomplishment when I finally score because the defender passes to nobody and everybody else stands around while I take an easy one to the net. The game just feels scripted as hell, and as somebody who has been playing since release I'm done. I thought if I kept at it I would eventually get better, but broken mechanics and a scripted CPU has finally gotten the best of me.

Maybe I should try PES?

User Info: Flamer_Blue

4 years ago#2
The game heavily relies in scripting, which is why I stopped playing the FIFA games altogether.
Happened to me with FIFA 12 when they introduced tactical defending. Playing semi-pro, the game was too easy. The AI let you go through their defenses, shooting was more accurate. In Pro, every player was like CR7 making feints in order to pass through your players, not even making plays, but just heavily relying on that; feints.

Which is why I don't think EA's FIFA is a football game but rather a fighting game. It relies heavily on combos (feints) and a lot of handicap.
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User Info: jamieeng

4 years ago#3
Play online...

User Info: Arcvalons

4 years ago#4
PES sucks. Anyway, not so difficult, just pass with O, prioritize short precise passes towards players across openings, and don't be afraid to pass the ball back to your defenders so your team can reorganize itself across the field. Experiment with different formations, and use custom tactics.

I used to have the same problem as you, played Semi-Pro and then Pro and thought it was too big of a leap. But then you figure it out. Also buy the Rematch feature from the catalogue.
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User Info: andrea987

4 years ago#5
jamieeng posted...
Play online...

lol that's even worse. If it wants to make someone win, there's nothing you can do. It's so scripted it's unreal, and on top of that controls are a nightmare.
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User Info: SpaceBear_

4 years ago#6

Become better at the game.
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User Info: RoxasANobody

4 years ago#7
SpaceBear_ posted...

Become better at the game.

Wow, I'm sure you've just inspired OP to be the best he can be.
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User Info: UKfan4life

4 years ago#8
Just keep playing man. You'll get the hang of where players are going to move, when to perfectly put in that through pass, etc. just play lots of games. It's what I did and absolutely loved the game, all the help I can send.

User Info: hangar19

4 years ago#9
The game is just scripted to b*ggery. There's nothing you can do except learn how to combat it as best as possible, but in doing so you're no longer playing a footy game. It feels like a fight and just isnt fun. You know its a complete farce when you play a through ball and AI alters the stats of your 90 speed attacker to be more like 10, whereas the 50 rated defender becomes faster than Usain Bolt. You need at least a 20 yard head start for it just to be a 50/50 chance of retaining the ball.

Stats are utterly meaningless in the game and the only thing that matters is which way the wind blows the scripting algorithm in favour of.

And dont even get me started on the lack of response to the controls (players dont jump or run despite input to do so) which is the final nail in the coffin.

User Info: hangar19

4 years ago#10
SpaceBear_ posted...

Become better at the game.

Dave Rutter, is that you?
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