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User Info: coreyerb

7 years ago#1
For posterity mostly, but it seems the connectivity issues were fixed. You can actually connect to matches and there are games going on during normal hours - if one lobby ends, you can find another quickly, and no more constant "trying to join lobby / creating new lobby" nonsense.

Still had a couple freezes on Blacklist mode (though no more disappearing teammates) and the loading times still aren't great but this helps a lot. It actually feels like a playable game online. I'm impressed they bothered to fix it, I thought for sure they had abandoned it.
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User Info: koolguy5

7 years ago#2
I bought this game fairly late, and other than the annoying rare freezing occurrences, it hasn't bothered me much. As for multiplayer, I so far have only enjoyed the co-op modes and it always seemed to work fine. This game is amazing, I wish there was more traffic on it.
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