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User Info: ashtros

7 years ago#1
OK so as everyone knows multiplayer matchmaking is rather horrible. Granted I've been spoiled by Halo and COD, so I don't wait very long before giving up. So here is my idea. Why don't we get a group of people together, form parties, and bypass matchmaking. I figure we can get each others PSN and try to schedule a game night very few days and play online for a few hours.

My PSN is Ashtros so hit me up if your interested. If someone else is already doing this let me know and I'll join you.

User Info: Omega_Zero_XP

7 years ago#2
Im down.


If only to rank up for that darkest night skin.
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User Info: Tbar67

7 years ago#3
After getting a couple matches in tonight, I sat in the lobby for a half an hour easily. It'd be nice to get some people to get some quick games with.

PSN: Tbar67

It was my first time tonight, and I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I though I would. I like the customization options, and unlockables too.
Colonel- "Hurry Raiden! The president needs you, I think."

User Info: Shugler

7 years ago#4
Haven't really done mp yet but yeah I'm down for the trophies

PSN: Shugler
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User Info: snakedeshazer

7 years ago#5
I am down too. PSN snake_alucard

friend me, message me, whatever. I need to prestige and get the darkest night skin.

User Info: riddlemethis84

7 years ago#6
I am down for some multiplayer. I have a few of the easier trophies. I am still missing some of the tricky ones like Predator Paragon, Tales of Gotham and I Like Those Odds. While also leveling up and Prestiging. I wanna get these done soon so that I can focus solely on the multiplayer. Feel free to add me, PSN: riddler612

I am on quite a bit. Usually at night (central time) but open for playing whenever. I have a headset too it that helps.

User Info: Irishgamer01

7 years ago#7
Count me in. I'm tired of their horrible matchmaking. Here's my PSN ID: irishsupermanfan

User Info: MisfitPrince

7 years ago#8
I'm in. My PSN is in my signature.
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User Info: Nightstryk3r619

7 years ago#9
Haven't even tried multiplayer, but why the heck not? PSN: MistahRattlehead
PSN: MistahRattlehead
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