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sanchm29 7 years ago#1
Every time my Daily Bonus window doesn't pop up, I tried to log out my WBID in Settings. Today, when I tried to Log In, I received WBID Login Failed. I am sure with my email address and password. I checked https://www.injustice.com/en/auth/login in my PC and received "We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later."

Does anyone experiencing the same issue?
HueyGFAQ 7 years ago#2
A restart is usually enough for me.
BlackWolfMerlin 7 years ago#3
happened to me too.
wait until the technical difficulties are over, then change your pw.
After a day of frustrating waiting I was able to log in again.
spikeching 7 years ago#4
I dont restart. I just do it over and over and over. Luckily, it works at some pooint
sanchm29 7 years ago#5
Finally, after 3 grueling hours I can now log in.

Didn't change my password, suddenly it accepted my current password.

Thanks for the comments!
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