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User Info: SomboSteel

3 months ago#1

6 mana 6/6

Battlecry: Draw Galakrond. If you are already Galakrond, unleash a Devastation

The devestations are:

Summon an 8/8 taunt.

Deal 5 damage to all minions.

Give your minions +2/+2.

Deal 5 damage to the enemy hero, heal your hero for 5.

You get to discover from these options, like with Kalimos. So you get to see all four and choose what you want.

User Info: MajinUltima

3 months ago#2
Remember when two 4/6s with Taunt for 7 was a big power play for having gotten C'thun some buffs?

User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
3 months ago#3
That's HOLY CRAP OP! This card is usable even without the drawing Galakrond part. Even if Devastation is its whole Battlecry, it'll still go into decks.
I can't believe I've been on Gamefaqs for 20 years now O_O

User Info: redundancies

3 months ago#4
Strong, yes, but super OP? Yeah, you get a lot of stats or a board clear (lol at deal 5 heal 5), but you can't get the Devastation effect until after you play Galakrond. So this is a turn 8 play for the devastation, otherwise it tutors your hero card. Both great options for sure, but we see current control decks with some pretty ridiculous value in their late game cards.

User Info: WilhelmHaven

3 months ago#5
Seems really, really good. It might even have been worth including had the Devastation been random. Wildly unpredictable yeah, but would probably work out okay most of the time, and you're still getting to tutor Galakrond half the time. Getting to choose the Devastation seems very generous indeed.

A small part of me wonders if it will be great on paper/slow in practice a little like Swampqueen Hagatha, but naaaahhh .....this should be miles better and an auto-include.
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