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  3. Zetalot reaches 30,000 wins with Priest

User Info: SomboSteel

4 weeks ago#1

I posted the update in the reddit but figured I’d put it here too. I’m closing in on 6,000 wins myself but I can’t even imagine having 5x that many. That’s a staggering amount of wins and play time.

He is definitely the best steamer to watch if you wanna play interesting priest decks well. He despises divine spirit/inner fire too which is nice for me cause I don’t like cheesing wins by just drawing the nuts and that’s not s fun deck to watch anyways. He’s got some of the best music in the background for a hearthstone streamer and his attitude is refreshingly authentic.

Either way, congrats to the dude. It’s definitely quite the accomplishment.

User Info: imkindafunny

4 weeks ago#2
Your description of his feelings on priest are promising.

I think inner fire and divine spirit are lame as all get out.

Single player not included. Anything goes.
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User Info: ShiningForceX

4 weeks ago#4
I've always found a use for Inner Fire. Not a bad card.
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User Info: HMandACFan

4 weeks ago#5
Watching Priest is *almost* as boring as watching Warrior. Priest hasn't been fun since Raza was nerfed. All these gimmicky decks are just boring and bad.

No offense

Grats to that guy on his 30k wins with a crappy class though. That guy has stamina.
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User Info: solosnake

4 weeks ago#6
30k wins with a single class is insane. I guess "accomplishment" is one way to put it
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User Info: MntMan

4 weeks ago#7
lol thats insane, basement virgins i guess. I only have 1 char to gold.
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  2. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  3. Zetalot reaches 30,000 wins with Priest