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  3. What is the best hunter deck?

User Info: K0sMos

3 weeks ago#1
Beside Mech hunter qhat is a good hunter deck??

I always find myself loosing ad mech hubter but i have a better winrate qith midrange beast and secret hunter.

Any other good deck for hunter
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User Info: ninplayer

3 weeks ago#2
After the nerfs and with the buffs coming we're really not gonna know for a while. Especially since Necromechanic is going to be insane after the buffs so it will shake up the class quite a bit.

User Info: HMandACFan

3 weeks ago#3
I'm sure mech hunter will be the best after the buffs.
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User Info: Jedibaracuda

3 weeks ago#4
That new legendary will be an auto-include in Mech Hunter and even though the Nine Lives version was inferior, Rogue nerfs and 4 mana Necro might bring it back.
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User Info: WilhelmHaven

3 weeks ago#5
I agree with these guys...mech will be nuts. I was stubbornly still using Necromechanic for a long while and the buff is going to make that so much better.

User Info: WilhelmHaven

3 weeks ago#6
Just thinking of the dream scenario. Whelp on 6. Turn 7 play Necromechanic, break open Whelp, Play Nine Lives = 4x 7/7s, a 3/6 with an effect the opponent will need to remove, and an extra Whelp in hand.
Even if that first Whelp dies on Turn 6, the Turn 7 value is insane with Nine Lives. I know, we could always play Necro/Nine Lives together, but this situation will be much more likely and mana-friendly after the buff.

I'm scared.

Less likely, but also worth noting that Necromechanic + Nine Lives + Nine Lives is now possible without a Coin. That's a lotta stats. A bit "all of yer eggs in one basket (hello Brawl!)" but still, this buff is going to be impactful.
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