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User Info: Simmedon

2 months ago#51
John_Daker posted...
I posted a Wild Jade Shudderwock C'Thun deck earlier, here is a Standard one.

Point is to annoy people with as many Obsidian Statues as possible. Mulligan hard for Shadow Essence. If you draw both Statues before first Essence, concede.

Once you get rolling though it's pretty fun. Tricks like Holy Watering your Twilight Called mini-statue, etc.

It's also good for "play x spells" or "play x Priest cards" quests.

### Obsidian
# Class: Priest
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Raven
# 2x (1) Mind Vision
# 2x (2) Cloning Device
# 2x (2) Seance
# 2x (2) Shadow Visions
# 2x (2) Shadow Word: Pain
# 2x (3) Shadow Word: Death
# 2x (3) Twilight's Call
# 2x (4) Eternal Servitude
# 2x (4) Shadow Madness
# 2x (5) Holy Water
# 2x (5) Power Word: Replicate
# 2x (6) Shadow Essence
# 2x (8) Free From Amber
# 2x (9) Obsidian Statue
# 2x (10) Mind Control
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

I tried this deck and it was pretty fun when the opportunity to get rolling was around. If I were to make a recommendation, swap the Mind Controls with Mass Hysteria. It's a great way to clear / limit a board going into turn 6, where your Statues should start coming online. A fun although memey deck.
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User Info: John_Daker

2 months ago#52
@Simmedonsimm thanks for giving it a try and for the good suggestion! I'll have to try that.

I've mainly enjoyed Mind Control when they play their own Obsidian Statue, either of their own or somehow cloning one of mine. I imagine myself saying "No obsidian for you! I am the only one allowed to have one!" :)

User Info: WilhelmHaven

2 months ago#53
I haven't added much to this thread lately, so here's one that definitely fits the theme of fun-yet-(pretty) terrible.

### Handbuff Prelateadin
# Class: Paladin
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Raven
# 2x (1) Righteous Protector
# 1x (2) Crystalsmith Kangor
# 2x (2) Crystology
# 1x (2) Flash of Light
# 2x (2) Immortal Prelate
# 2x (2) Potion of Heroism
# 2x (3) Acolyte of Pain
# 1x (3) High Priest Thekal
# 2x (3) Paragon of Light
# 2x (4) Arena Fanatic
# 2x (4) Blessing of Kings
# 2x (4) Corpsetaker
# 1x (5) Zilliax
# 2x (6) Glowstone Technician
# 2x (6) Spikeridged Steed
# 1x (7) Lynessa Sunsorrow
# 2x (8) Bonemare
# 1x (25) Shirvallah, the Tiger

At various points in various metas (Gadgetzan etc) people enjoy, test, and ultimately abandon Handbuff Paladin. For good reason normally! But damn, when it does work, it's beautiful. Of course people are wary of using a 6mana 3/4, but the second dude is often a less suicidal 6mana 5/6, and if yer lucky, with a huge hand, things can snowball quickly.

Added the heal package later simply because it has been so fun and effective in Egg Paladin, a genuinely good deck that I should probably be using more, instead of fun yet terrible decks. @ninplayer knows. Experimented with Fungalmancers, but preferred the handbuffing for this. Bonemare plus Prelate is a nice lategame pairing.

At the very least, the deck allows you to enjoy some Prelate shenanigans, without 1) knowing your 1/3 is going to immediately die, 2) Agonizing over having enough mana to a Prelate and a board buff in the same turn, and 3) to an extent, having the Prelate immediately silenced. The reason for that last one is due to not necessarily using BOK or SS on Prelates, but using them on an Acolyte, Pargon, or whatever. They might often eat a silence, while the Prelate continues to be handbuffed until later.
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User Info: DinoHimself

2 months ago#54
Dreadsteed sillyness, always. It's just SO dumb that I can't help but enjoy it. Rank 20ish, of course.
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User Info: SuperSaiyanTien

2 months ago#55
Pogo Bounce Rogue.

Focuses on summoning lots and lots of Pogo Hoppers! ^.^
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User Info: Oblivion_Hero

2 months ago#56
Pogo Hoppers are fun.

Changing into Dr Boom so all your Pogo Hoppers get rush is super fun!

At the moment I've now gotten gold on all classes but paladin, so I'm just running a Kraagor's Army Pally. 2 Mechano-eggs, 2 Wargears, Zilliax. It needs tweaking, but it amuses me.
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User Info: John_Daker

2 months ago#57
@Simmedonsimm took your suggestion with the Mass Hysterias and I like it better now. Just today I had a Play 35 Spells quest and pulled this out. Match against aggressive Hunter, he had a 3/2, 1/1, and 4/1 (adapted +3 attack 1/1) and he had me down to about half health going into turn 5. Mass Hysteria per your suggestion. Timber Wolf runs into the adapting guy, and the other two kill each other. Clear board, next turn Shadow Essence. Ended up winning at full health having played about 8 statues over the course of the game. fun times!
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