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  3. What's your go-to fun yet terrible deck these days?

User Info: WilhelmHaven

3 months ago#1
Before this expansion, I'd always keep a Thief/Cutlass Rogue deck on standby for some general Casual shenanigans.

These days, it's Quest Paladin, simply because those Prelates feel immensely fun to use, plus Da Undatakah. Non-Exodia build, I should add.

Fun, but holy s*** is it bad in this meta, with Freezing Traps and Psychic Screams flying around. Even playing around Freezing Traps, Quest Pally is way to slow to stand any chance against any current Hunter decks. Bit of a shame really.
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User Info: imkindafunny

3 months ago#2
I've been rocking a C'thun Shudderwock Shaman in wild for the last week. It started off as someone else's design last expansion, but I had to tinker with it myself to fix it after the saronite nerf.

I'm hideously low ranked, so I'm not gonna swear to its success rate. But I do like playing it...
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User Info: TheAlmightyPoe

3 months ago#3
Mechathun druid, but I haven't played it since the nerfs.

Right now I'm playing with minion druid and odd Hunter.

Odd Hunter is almost viable. I need to tweak a few things then I'll aim for rank 5 for the first time in months.
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User Info: SomboSteel

3 months ago#4
im having tons of fun with Odd Shadowform priest. its not terrible, but its obviously not tier 1 either. i think there is some serious consideration to give this deck after rotation, it doesnt lose that many key cards and i think it genuinely has some potential once all the DKs f*** off to wild

User Info: Pegeta

3 months ago#5
Even Shaman with my Troll Hero.

User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
3 months ago#6
Hero Power OTK Priest. Absolutely the lowest of Tier 4, but it's so fun when it works. I use it in all friendly battles with my friends.
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User Info: electronlantra

3 months ago#7
I love to play wild big priest its not terrible if you don't get Barnes early though you do nothing til turn 6

User Info: Simmedon

3 months ago#8
Renounce Darkness.
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User Info: NoAvailUsername

3 months ago#9
academic espionage rogue

User Info: Eyecon86

3 months ago#10
I always have fun with spell heavy mage builds or secret mage
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  3. What's your go-to fun yet terrible deck these days?
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