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User Info: DonnyG

8 months ago#1
Mage Legendary
2/4 for 3 Mana
When you play the rightmost card from your hand, draw a card.


User Info: SideshowBob311

8 months ago#2
2/4 body for 3 is pretty good....but the effect is an unpredictable crapshoot.

I predict this will be one of the cards people b**** and moan about when they get it as their free legendary.
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User Info: SomboSteel

8 months ago#3
Idk how we are even supposed to judge this lol

User Info: ninplayer

8 months ago#4
Glad to see Hearthstone continues to pump out horribly designed cards


User Info: mayatola

8 months ago#5
I suppose if you have a bunch of cheap spells you could cycle through your deck quickly with Sorcerer's Apprentice and Stargazer Luna. Of course that means you probably wouldn't play it on 3 unless the board is empty.

User Info: XtraT

8 months ago#6
nice tempo mage card
Grand Marshal/Gladiator Priest, Lightplol.
PvE gladiator holy paladin, Lightp.

User Info: k_pflipsen

8 months ago#7
Pretty much a tempo card for a deck of low-cost minions/spells. It allows for Hail Mary plays in the late game late, and it makes cheap drops a lot more powerful.

I'm not 100% sure, but I *think* that Fire Fly can draw you 2 cards here. —This is based on memory/the Starving Buzzard + Alley Cat interaction (whereas the draw happens before the battlecry causing an additional draw).

Let's assume you draw a Fire Fly in the late game with Stargazer Luna in your hand....

1. You play Stargazer Luna
2. You play Fire Fly
3. Stargazer Luna draws a card
4. Fire Fly's battlecry goes off, putting a Flame Elemental in your hand as the right-most card
5. You play Flame Elemental
6. Stargazer Luna draws a card

Regardless, if you are running a deck of low-cost cards, this can kind of give you a miracle finisher.
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User Info: GujinKami

8 months ago#8
SomboSteel posted...
Idk how we are even supposed to judge this lol

Thought it was just me for a second, I have no clue where to put this card being good or bad.
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User Info: Shadow_Of_Fenix

8 months ago#9
This card is so meta and build dependent that I can't evaluate it. However, keep in mind that all generated cards always play to the right. So things like Spellstone, Fireflys, Conjurer, etc all are able to be somewhat controlled. It's got a decent body but unlikely to stick. If it draws 1 card on average it is good, 2 or more and it's great but again it is so different of an effect that there isn't anything to compare it too.

User Info: wolverinerob79

8 months ago#10
What a weird card...this really seems like the epitome of "bad rng". *sigh*
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