Have you guys tried KnC Quest Rogue?

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  3. Have you guys tried KnC Quest Rogue?

User Info: XCrossYZ

3 months ago#1
Currently one of my favorite decks to play since the expansion came out after getting Sarya in a pack. Getting that combo off by turn 6/7 has auto won me a couple of games already. Could see why they nerfed the quest to 5.
TL;DR TC didn't Wacha the Kecha

User Info: Lady_Ninane

3 months ago#2
I dusted the caverns below when it was nerfed and never looked back.

User Info: LookANinja

3 months ago#3
feral gibbler seems good for it.

User Info: EarthBuster

3 months ago#4
LookANinja posted...
feral gibbler seems good for it.

It's nice for some late game gas once they become 5/5s, but I find it's way too fragile to effectively fuel triggering the quest. Sonya is a great card, and is super fun to play in this deck. Her + boar can complete the quest in one turn if the game starts to drag too long.

I still don't think Quest Rogue is very competitive in the current meta, but I enjoy playing it anyway.
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User Info: MajinUltima

3 months ago#5
I just ran into one, took him a while to get the quest off since I silenced some Igneous Elementals and he a Fire Fly exposed.
Then I had to clear 3-5 5/5s for 3 turns in a row (Duskbreaker + stolen Shadowstep lol), before realizing he was at 16, I'd had a Corrupted Healbot die, and I had 2 of the Twilight res, Auchenai, and Circle in hand thanks to his Coldlights. They helped him refill, but they also handed me lethal.

ANYWAY... I think it'd be great if aggro didn't exist but as long as aggro exists, you'll be under too much pressure for so many poor 1-drops, 2 mana 1/1s, and bouncing away your own board.

I think it CAN work if done intelligently, where the Quest is incidental to a better tempo build where you're using cheap guys being bounced/duped to enable SI7 Agents, Vilespines, Minstrels, etc. But elsewise, you're just praying to run into slow greedy decks to prey on them, and it'll probably pan out well in those games.

User Info: XCrossYZ

3 months ago#6
So far this and Spell Hunter have been the most fun I’ve had on this game in a while.
TL;DR TC didn't Wacha the Kecha

User Info: k_pflipsen

3 months ago#7
Yes, Zola the Gorgon and Sonya Shadowdancer give the deck so much more consistency in completing the quest and make 5 copies much more achievable.

Obviously still dies horribly to aggro, but it's a fun, off-meta deck right now.
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  3. Have you guys tried KnC Quest Rogue?

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