Is Rin a good example of a "Win More" (albeit, slowly) card?

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  3. Is Rin a good example of a "Win More" (albeit, slowly) card?

User Info: WilhelmHaven

4 months ago#1
I opened Rin on the Americas server, where I don't have much of a collection, and she's proven to be pretty fun in a Control Warlock deck. Even reached the end of the ritual a few times.

But surely in any situation where you can comfortably play a decidedly average 6-mana 3-6, then a 5-mana 2-2, then a 5-mana 3-3, etc. you could probably just put the game to bed using better cards (Scalebanes, for example).

So, is this what's described as a "win more" card? Obviously it's not a "good" card, but as long as it's fun.
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User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
4 months ago#2
It's a fun card. She doesn't have any means to save you if you are behind. The times you can play her to success you can play better cards to just win the game.
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User Info: xtacb

4 months ago#3
scalebanes take up a card slot though

the ritual cards are just extra cards to your deck that you dont need to draw at all

and rin as a 3/6 taunt is decent to be pulled put by Oakheart

sorta like if Elise gave you a bunch of extra cards but they arent necessarily useful ungoro cards
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User Info: PrinceOfHot

4 months ago#4
she's great in control with two conditions, you can spar the board fairly evenly, and if your opponent doesn't have self milling level draw as a win condition.
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User Info: NoJobBob

4 months ago#5
She's not exactly a win more. She's a good win condition against control with no silence/hard removal. Big Priest vs her is tough if you don't run a silence. This card alone has made be put in a silence in my big priest deck. You either win easily if you can silence her or you lose if you don't.

User Info: Grischnak

4 months ago#6
It's not a win more card, it's a tech card. A classic example of a win more card is Kel'Thuzad.

User Info: azweik

4 months ago#7
Its anti control for a control deck

You can kill her with spellstone, so ahe cant be silenced

User Info: mada7

4 months ago#8
Savjz and Dog both have her in warlock decks with Oakheart so Id say she's worth looking at. I don't think she's win more I think she's more like the original Elise where you put her in to win the control vs control matchup
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User Info: MajinUltima

4 months ago#9
It's funny that she came up in tinity series 2 or more times, and those games were won.

That said, looking at the first Warlock v Warlock I saw her in, she didn't win jack squat. The only effect she had was to make one team stupidly feel like +2 Fatigue (when they were up 20 health and had run their opponent out of most removal and literally only had to just sit there and play it out for an easy win) was worth going all-in on Army of the Dead and to try to win asap instead of sticking with their gameplan.

tl;dr - Do it for memes, not anything legitimate. She maybe has niche use in allowing you to life tap out more, use Rin to catch up on deck size, and then be able to Bloodreaver without fear of mill... in a VERY slow matchup.

But if such a slow match is your concern, Gnomeferatu and Jaraxxus just seem like much easier cards to run. People forget that getting Jaraxxus down safely is still basically auto-win against many slow decks.

User Info: XCrossYZ

4 months ago#10
I have successfully summoned Azari 7 times so far, and it has been one of my winning conditions, as I ended up winning those through fatigue. But, the deck itself is pretty strong, Rin is a good card on its own, only made useless through silence and transformations. One of my favorite legendaries this set.
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  3. Is Rin a good example of a "Win More" (albeit, slowly) card?

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