The top 5 cards of the set + your top sleeper card(boom, keleseth, patron etc)

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  3. The top 5 cards of the set + your top sleeper card(boom, keleseth, patron etc)

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 months ago#11
1) Leyline Manipulator. It lets Mages 1TK faster than Quest. Quest has to play Quest/6 random spells/Simulacrum/Sorcerer's Apprentice x3/Molten Reflection/Antonidas.

With Leyline Manipulator, they can play Simulacrumx2/Leyline Manipulator/Sorcerer's Apprenticex3/Antonidas/Molten Reflection. Manipulator discounts ALL cards not originally starting in your deck, including cards copied by Simulacrum. That's a lot less cards required which means room for more defensive cards (Quest Mage's largest weakness is a lack of consistent defensive options and getting rusted down) and more card space for mulligans as one isn't being taken up by the Quest.

2) Duskbreaker needs no explanation.

3) Kobold Librarian. 1 mana card draw with a body.

4) Explosive Rune. Just made testing for Mage secrets that much more difficult, and gives both Secret Mage and Burn Mage more power.

5) Psychic Scream. Because that's just what Priest needed: even more ways to stall to get their combos!

Sleeper: Elven Minstrel. Consisten/semi-predictable carddraw in Rogue is a very dangerous thing. Not getting as much talk as some other cards.

All together this set seems like there's a selection of stupidly powerful cards, and then a whole lot of crud. Basically stronger swings for both sides of the pendulum. Priest is going to be absolutely rampant: Raza got support, Big got support, Quest got support. Rogue got new support cards and possibly the best weapon out of the set. Warlock got a lot of good cards as well, and Mage can OTK even faster now, and may have Burn Mage back in play.

Hunter is toast, Shaman is probably going under unless that new (admittedly really good) evolve card bails them out. Warrior is a giant question mark, it will have to be tested out/might not come up until the later half. Druid I suspect is overall a small downgrade but its just that: a small one.
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User Info: RoboZygo

4 months ago#12
I don’t have a top 5 but Plated Beatle is sleeper. 2 mana 2/3 with a positive Deathrattle just seems very good.

Hopefully it’s what hunter needs.
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User Info: NoJobBob

4 months ago#13
And there's some definitely some people who will avoid this kinda thread but then come back and quote people later for being wrong. lol

User Info: CourtofOwls

4 months ago#14
sneaky devil = sleeper
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User Info: RoboZygo

4 months ago#15
NoJobBob posted...
And there's some definitely some people who will avoid this kinda thread but then come back and quote people later for being wrong. lol

The kind of people that legitimately take card predictions to mock people make me sad

Not wholesome
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NNID: robozygo

User Info: mada7

4 months ago#16
1) Kobold Librarian
2) Psychic Scream
3) Elvish Minstrel
4) Hooked Reaver
5) Duskbreaker

There's not a single legendary in this set that looks like a must have
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User Info: MajinUltima

4 months ago#17
Hard to go through and come up with top 5, and even the context gets weird. There are cards that are stupidly overpowered but unlikely to see play (Kathrena), so that'd be a top 5 in a vacuum, but not in practice.

In no order, I'll try to list 5 here which I think will be strong in general...
- Kobold Librarian
- Dragon's Fury
- Psychic Scream
- Elven Minstrel
- Fal'dorei Strider

Resident Sleeper... Carnivorous Cube?

I feel like Mages won the most of this set, there's a lot of tools and support for a variety of builds with Quest, Elementals, and/or big spells which seem very strong. In a world where Jade Golems and Raza+Anduin still exist, it may not come to pass immediately... but I have to imagine a large array of Mage builds to try to come together.
Oh, Rogues also won a lot. Minstrel and Faldorei are just plain stupid.

Oh, and this set has killed all hope I have that this game will ever be fixed in terms of actually playing it. All this stupid broken and/or RNG crap is fun to watch, but it's impressive how each set just continues to make the game less and less playable.

User Info: NoJobBob

4 months ago#18
Yea I would put Kathrena in top 5 if I thought hunter would get played. The value on her is ridiculous, especially if you can build around her with just high mana beasts only. I hadn't looked into them much but some of the spellstones look really good to me too

User Info: wolverinerob79

4 months ago#19
Easy - Kobold monk and not just because of Anduin.

User Info: KajeI

4 months ago#20
Top 5 in no particular order.

Duskbreaker because duh.

Arcane Tyrant. Free 4/4 for playing good cards? Sure, this thing can show up in a variety of classes (especially Druid and Mage) and even though it's pretty boring it can have some good swings.

Twilight Acolyte. Synergy with dragons = good. Survives a follow up turn of Duskbreaker = good. Enabling things to be stolen/pained/ignored/traded into = great.

Kobold Librarian. Only way this card could be better is if it was a demon, and there's practically 0 reason not to use this card in every Warlock deck.

This last slot i'm gonna cheat with.

Call to Arms, Unstable Evolution, Raven Familiar, Elven Minstrel, and Branching Paths. Only reason these cards won't see play is if their respective class as a whole doesn't see play, and for Pally, Rogue, Mage, and Druid i don't see that happening. Unstable Evolution in particular is extra valuable because of all the minions with horrible stats for their mana costs, being able to fix your evolves like that will be extremely important for evolve Shaman (also because it's repeatable you can get super cheap Arcane Giants pretty quickly, though idk if that has a place in any decent shaman decks).

Sleeper: Temporus. It might not be this expansion or the next one, but i have a feeling it WILL be nuts at some point before it rotates out.

Honestly i think the expansion has a lot of really solid cards and cards that are better than people think. I'm interested in seeing how everything settles, i know i'm gonna have fun messing around with new archetypes that are probably mediocre at best.
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  3. The top 5 cards of the set + your top sleeper card(boom, keleseth, patron etc)

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