Rogue legendary weapon revealed.

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User Info: Grischnak

7 months ago#41
xAlphazonex posted...
Grischnak posted...
Jedibaracuda posted...
It's OP. A snowballing weapon with 3 durability that you can just keep replaying provided you draw it (not hard with Rogue) for 1 mana plus a fatigue staller. Ooze doesn't even stop it. Did Rogue really need a card that is this disgustingly good?

...Yes? It's not like it works in Tempo Rogue.

Why yes? Rogue hasn't been underpowered as of late.

Because Rogue needs something to make the many weapon buff cards they have useful. There is very little motivation to play with the Rogue weapon buff cards outside of Wild. This card is not like the new Warlock 1 drop or something. It's not a card that you can just throw in any deck because it's that damn good. It's a strong card that needs a deck built around it. I see nothing wrong with that.

User Info: NekoEspirito

7 months ago#42
Mill Rogue infinite, reporting for duty!
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