Rogue legendary weapon revealed.

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User Info: KajeI

5 months ago#1

1 mana 1/3. Deathrattle: Shuffle this into your deck. It keeps any enchantments.
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User Info: pegusus123456

5 months ago#2
rip arena
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User Info: BoyOfBattle

5 months ago#3
cool card. not sure about viablity of weapon rogue. need to see more support cards
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User Info: NoJobBob

5 months ago#4
One of the few legendary cards i definitely want so far

User Info: mada7

5 months ago#5
Well at the very least this answers the question of why did blade flurry have to get nerfed
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User Info: NoJobBob

5 months ago#6
BoyOfBattle posted...
cool card. not sure about viablity of weapon rogue. need to see more support cards

I think the card is good enough to open up new decks possibly. I could see a different type of tempo being ran with these, the card that draws two minions and deadly poison. Not sure if it will be better but it will be tried. A 1 mana card is always good for Rogue too for combos. Current tempo is so good now though that it may not need to change.

User Info: Grischnak

5 months ago#7
It's hard to gauge this card since it'll need an entirely new deck type to function. It's certainly the hardest of the weapons to counter and it can get really scary. But it's insanely slow. It'd need some sort of weapon tutor support card to be good I think. Maybe Rummaging Kobold? I think this weapons' success will depend on how those cards interact.

User Info: linkblade91

5 months ago#8
Please for the love of God work with Doomerang. Doomerang doesn't proc Deathrattles, but hopefully the Deathrattle and "keeps enchantments" are two separate statements and thus it could be a viable combination.

Doomerang is so fun to use; please provide support to it D:

User Info: Cless012

5 months ago#9
Oh hey, looks like this may go into oil rogue, or revive it for standard

User Info: Grischnak

5 months ago#10
So thinking about it, how many weapon buffs are really usable in Standard? Deadly Poison, Leeching Poison and Southsea Squidface? Naga Corsair and Captain Greenskin maybe? Get every single one of them on the weapon and it would be a 12/4 Lifesteal weapon. Obviously at that level you could clear most things and gain life doing so. But it just seems so hard to pull off.Though it would probably be a lot more manageable in Wild thanks to Oil, Buccaneer and Goblin Auto-Barber. Even there though, I really thinks the deck lives or dies on if a weapon tutor effect exists. Without that you're just straight f***ed if the weapon is at the bottom of your deck.
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  3. Rogue legendary weapon revealed.

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