New warrior common spell: Unidentified Shield

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User Info: SomboSteel

4 months ago#1
6 mana: Gain 5 Armor. Gains a bonus effect in your hand.

Bonus effects are as follows;

Spiked Shield (Gain 5 Armor. Equip a 5/2 weapon.)

Serrated Shield (Gain 5 Armor. Deal 5 damage)

Tower Shield +10 (Gain 5 Armor. Gain 10 more Armor.)

Runed Shield (Gain 5 Armor. Summon a 5/5 Golem.)

User Info: mada7

4 months ago#2
An ok card but probably not good enough to see regular play. 5 armor is worth less than 1 mana on its own and most of these have 5 mana effects as extras so not a bad card but not good enough to see play
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User Info: Pijinz

4 months ago#3
Unplayable. Some of the other cards released have set a clear precedent: if a card isn't spectacular then it isn't good enough. This is unspectacular.

User Info: backguard222

4 months ago#4
Never ran no man's hand myself, but it seems like it could see some play in that?
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User Info: BoyOfBattle

4 months ago#5
yawn still waiting for FWA replacement
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User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
4 months ago#6
I think this spell will be really good at 5 mana, but for 6 mana warrior has more powerful options.
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User Info: DartDragoon

4 months ago#7
Would be so good if it was 5 mana... but instead we get... effects of two existing cards bundled together for no discount and an extra layer of RNG ? Why Blizzard, why ?

5 Armor + 5/5 Golem = Shieldmaiden (6 mana)
5 Armor + 10 Armor = 3 Iron Hide (1 mana) for double the cost (but bundled into one)
5 Armor + 5/2 weapon = Arcanite Reaper (5 mana) + Iron Hide (1 mana).
5 Armor + 5 Damage = Double costed Bash (3 mana) for +2 Damage and +2 Armor

All around, it's a s***ty card that would be really good at 5 mana. I don't understand why the extra RNG in the card isn't taken into consideration when costing a card.
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User Info: MhkaCHemistry

4 months ago#8
If you can reliably roll Shieldmaiden it's playable.

Arcanite and armor probably isn't awful.

The other two are on the lower end at best.
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User Info: WarriorFenix

4 months ago#9
Should have made the card cost more but deal 5 damage, gain 5 armour, summon a 5/5 golem and equip a 5/2 weapon tbqh
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User Info: Hero3ziz

4 months ago#10
Compare this to ultimate infestation, lul.
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