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User Info: Dartkun

2 years ago#31
I'm so done with this expansion.

Rock-Paper-Scissors meta is boring as f***.

It's good to reward good deck building and good teching. But the decks don't feel like 35-65 matchups (at worst). They feel like 20-80 matchups.

Which minimizes the skill of piloting a deck versus rewarding building the deck.

It's so f***ing unfun to go into a game against Pirates and just PRAYING you draw an answer to a f***ing 1-drop. If you do, gg you're so ahead now. If you don't, gg you're dead.

Is that really how Hearthstone should go? Disgusting.

User Info: Grischnak

2 years ago#32
SomboSteel posted...
Grischnak posted...
Cards that can help you win the game by generating cards that aren't in of your deck have been in the game since Ysera. It is a mechanic that has been there since the beginning and has only gotten more popular over the years. If you despise that particular mechanic then go ahead. But despite Blizzard making an insane push to make it matter, Burgle Rogue is still not a thing. Hell, I have literally never seen the new Rogue Legend. Not once. Ever. Why? Because the Burgle mechanic isn't a busted as you seem to think it is. I've played Burgle Rogue. A lot. Really tried to make it work. It just doesn't. And while occasionally awesome, the mechanic is horribly inconsistent and I don't think it's overpowered at all. Not even on the 1 drop. Unstable Portal was OP because:

1) It gave you a random card that could potentially be awesome.
2) The mana discount let you do bats*** crazy stuff.
3) It had awesome synergy with the other OP mage cards.

These cards have 1 aspect of what made Unstable Portal overpowered. One. They are what that card should have been: A fun value RNG card that is inconsistent and is normally just ok but can occasionally be real nice.

Alright as TC said, we are getting pretty off topic here. So this will be my last post on the deviation at hand. Ysera is a Legendary, costs 9 mana and cant have the cards it generates played on the same turn Ysera is played. Thats why nobody is complaining about Ysera.

And Shaku isnt played for a variety of reasons, none of which is because the Burgle effect is bad:
1. He cost 3 mana
2. Is not a Battlecry/Deathrattle
3. Is horribly understatted for a 3 cost minion
4. Isnt a part of a tribe
5. Is a legendary, can only have 1 of.

All of those arent working in his favor as a playable card. People will play Swash and Huckster because they are way more efficient versions of Shaku. Unlike Swash or Book, Shaku has an actual downside that prevents his play most of the time. And with those two cards compared to Ysera that generates cards also, 9 mana is a heck of a lot more than 1, which is back to the reason of why i consider those overpowered one drops.

But anyways thats my two cents but i dont want to continue to derail the topic, since TC was specifically mentioning Small Time Buccaneer. Thanks for the civil discussion though :)

I just brought up Ysera because it was the first card of it's kind. Something like Huckster is obviously a more 1-to-1 comparison. And I never said the Burgle effect was "bad". I said it's inconsistent. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, most often decent. Which goes to my point with Shaku. If Burgle was such an overpowered effect then people would find ways to make Shaku work. But they don't. Because it's not. But hey, if you don't want to discuss this anymore then that's fine.

User Info: XtraT

2 years ago#33
Lol, STB is miles better than Cogmaster.

First, STB is a pirate and enable pirate-synergy like Patches, Southsea Captain, Bloodsail Cultist, etc. Cogmaster isn't a mech and doesn't enable s***.

Second, it's a lot easier to have an early game weapon in this meta than have a mech in GvG's meta. We have so many 1 mana and 2 mana weapons right now it's kind of ridiculous. On the other hand, the only class with good mechs was Mage.

Still, STB won't get nerfed because Blizzard doesn't nerf those kind of cards.
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User Info: Dirtyplatinum

2 years ago#34
Knave posted...
Babbling Book and Swashburglar are still way too efficient at 1 mana. They are still overpowered, even if its not as obvious.

I think these are the kind of 1-drops that should be in the game, or almost. 1-drops should help establish board presence, smooth out mana curve, and give some kind of conditional/eventual value. They shouldn't be high tempo turn 1 plays. 1-drops shouldn't be capable of 5-10 face damage ever. My issue with book and burglar is that the RNG involved lessens intelligent counterplay. But I think they're closer to what the game needs than garbage like mana wyrm, trogg, flame imp and buccaneer or - on the other end of the spectrum - zombie chow.

Shut your f***ing mouth. Zombie Chow is one of the most well designed control cards in the game.
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User Info: Knave

2 years ago#35
Lighten up Francis.

Chow is only a "well designed control card" if you believe that undervalued aggro cards like pre-nerf leper gnome, abusive sergeant, knife juggler etc. were also well designed cards (they weren't).

Having chow in an opening hand to respond against an aggro deck would oftentimes be the sole determining factor in a win instead of a loss. Games shouldn't be won or lost because of undervalued turn 1 cards.
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