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  3. Do you remember the first card you crafted?

User Info: backguard222

2 years ago#1
For me I think it was Azure Drake, Ysera or maybe Ragnaros.
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Link versus Cloud 2 years ago#2
Azure Drake
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User Info: redundancies

2 years ago#3
I think it was Keeper of the Grove. I was heavily into druid at the time (as if I'm not now) and I just couldn't pull one from a pack. I bit the bullet and used my first disenchant bonus (+95 dust) to craft a couple.

User Info: imkindafunny

2 years ago#4
Pre hiatus: Argent Commander

Post hiatus: enhance-o mechano

First legendary: lord jaraxxus
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User Info: cellb

2 years ago#5
I think it was Druid of the Claw. First Legendary was Ysera when she was out of the meta lol

User Info: tiamatttt

2 years ago#6
Golden Rag. Saved up for a VERY long time for that one and I wouldn't recommend anyone else doing it. :p

User Info: aywwsd87

2 years ago#7
First card: Savannah Highmane
First legendary: Ragnaros
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User Info: waffles177

2 years ago#8
Ragnaros, as soon as I got 1600 dust I crafted him and put him in almost every deck.

User Info: wolverinerob79

2 years ago#9
I think it was harvest golem back in closed beta. He used to be one of the best things to put in your 3 drop slot.

User Info: Dartkun

2 years ago#10
Azure Drake because I wanted to play some Control Druid and Control Mage.
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