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  3. Tempostorm's first Gadgetzan meta snapshot is out.

User Info: Hero3ziz

2 years ago#1

Do you agree with it? Also, I'm surprised how low Hunter is.
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User Info: XtraT

2 years ago#2
No, it's bad.

Opponents often expect the Warrior to be playing a control variant, which gives the Pirate Warrior an element of surprise.
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User Info: GujinKami

2 years ago#3
Looks about right.
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User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
2 years ago#4
lol wth is Gang Up Patches Rogue, I've never heard of this silly deck before.
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User Info: slumpcat

2 years ago#5
Last Soldier posted...
lol wth is Gang Up Patches Rogue, I've never heard of this silly deck before.

I encountered one. It seemed really s***ty.

User Info: fattonygambino

2 years ago#6
slumpcat posted...
Last Soldier posted...
lol wth is Gang Up Patches Rogue, I've never heard of this silly deck before.

I encountered one. It seemed really s***ty.

There's a video of Toast on Youtube doing it...basically it "works" because you summon a Southsea Captain and then a Patches summons...then triggers another Patches...etc. then do like 8 face damage. It's silly for sure
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User Info: sogeoffsocIean

2 years ago#7
Don't agree with their choice of only 1 Forbidden Healing in Anyfinja, that's probably why they determined it to be Tier 4...it was intelligent to run two copies of that card in the last metagame which was slower than this one...

I suggest their list,

-1 Loot Hoarder
-1 Barnes
+1 Forbidden Healing
+1 Acolyte of Pain

That leaves you with 1 of each of Loot Hoarder and Acolyte...I honestly don't know which is better, and it should actually be two copies of whatever's better. Wickerflame and Finja are definitely must-includes though.
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Link versus Cloud 2 years ago#8
Agree with the general jist, but have minor disagreements on placement.

They rank Aggro Shaman, Renolock, Pirate Warrior, Jade Druid, Dragon Priest, Dragon Warrior, Midrange Shaman, and Jade Shaman as their top 8 decks. This would also be my top 8, but my tiering of it and order would defer a bit from them.

#1 - Aggro Shaman: agreed obviously, but I believe this deserves to be in its own tier as its current win rate vs the meta is even higher than pre-expansion midrange shaman was

#2 - Renolock: ranked too highly, its a solid deck, but VS stats show that it has a losing match-up against both aggro shaman and pirate warrior, as well as a losing match-up to Jade Druid so it shouldn't be #2.

#3 - Pirate Warrior: agreed 100% on this placement

#4 - Jade Druid: ranked too highly. It shuts down all control, but it doesn't make sense that you can recognize two of the top 3 decks as being 2 of the fastest decks in the history of this game, and not recognize how terribly this deck does vs those two decks and still grant it #4.

#5 - Dragon Priest: this is about right, no complaints here. Solid tier 2 deck

#6 - Dragon Warrior: ranked too lowly. One of only two decks that has a favored match-up over aggro shaman and is still +EV vs the over-all meta. Think its for sure the better dragon deck than priest.

#7 - Midrange Shaman: ranked too lowly. The other of the two +EV meta decks favored over aggro shaman and is generally well positioned to combat almost every deck in the meta besides dragon priest.

#8 Jade Shaman: this is about right as well, but I also think Jade Shaman is the better Jade deck than Druid because its better equipped with AoE and single target removal to stall until you play your big jades. The Shaman deck can "only" go up to about 10-10 golems unlike the druid deck's infinite value possiblity, but unless the meta is slow as balls, this advantage doesn't really make up for it IMO. I think Jade Druid's presence as a control killer is just an unhealthy/unfun presence for the game, but its not actually the strongest meta presence (similar in some ways to why people hated Yogg).

Beyond that I don't really care as those decks are pretty much the meta and they have miracle rogue at 10, which is about the only other meta relevant deck, so its fine. My snapshot would be:

Tier 1:
1-Aggro Shaman

Tier 2:
2-Midrange Shaman
3-Pirate Warrior
4-Dragon Warrior
6-Dragon Priest
7-Jade Shaman
8-Jade Druid
9-Miracle Rogue

Would take zoo, token druid, reno priest, and pirate rogue down to Tier 3 and then the rest of list from there down is fine.
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User Info: Dartkun

2 years ago#9
Mid-Range Hunter should be at the bottom of Tier 3 at least.

It's not 1 step up from full on meme decks like Gang Up Rogue and Evolve Shaman.

User Info: Xeroxicide

2 years ago#10
Tempostorm has been made obsolete by VS Data Reaper. Which do you trust? The experiences of a small handful of people, or actual evidence?
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