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User Info: KeiHazuki99

2 years ago#11
I would pick something to screw people with. Something like Majordomo or Murk-eye or Patches. Hehehehe..

User Info: JudgeAnderson

2 years ago#12
"I'll attract the enemy with my human call: 'I'm so wasted! I'm so wasted!'" - Dryad, WC3

User Info: jordandavis7

2 years ago#13
Reno will probably be moved to classic, or they will have to print a replacement every 2 years.. which they will probably do now that I think about it (more $).

Brann I can easily see leaving, they haven't reprinted Rivendare (yet).

Emperor should he made classic as well but I doubt it.
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User Info: AnonymousLoner

2 years ago#14
"You seem intent on deepening his pain when you should be withdrawing from a argument that's clearly getting to him on a personal level." - MaxStar360

User Info: TheDarkone21

2 years ago#15
I would also like to vote for Reno and Brann. Those guys are the best!
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User Info: rareware101

2 years ago#16
ZombieAkane posted...
Reno wishes he was Brann.

Brann allows so many combo's and highlight moments.

Reno literally does the same thing every time.

He does but think of how many decks are instantly killed if he's gone. Do you want to play even less variety on the ladder?

User Info: ProjectSiolence

2 years ago#17
Kel'Thuzud or Mal'Ganis for me, just such important characters to the WarCraft story to not be standard

User Info: DrPrimemaster

2 years ago#18
Are there any cards in LoE that are overwhelmingly game breaking? Tunnel trogg is the only one I can think of and he loses a lot of value from totem golems departure anywY.
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User Info: EuroE

2 years ago#19
Justicar and Reno. Especially Reno

User Info: fawfulmark2

2 years ago#20
Loatheb. Always.
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