Need help translating trash talk

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User Info: MrFish86

1 year ago#1
So, the other day I beat someone with Abar's Y'Shaarj Hunter deck, and imidiately after losing I got a friend request. It happens a lot since the deck wins via an insane turn 4 Barnes/ Y'Shaarj combo, so lots of people friend me to yell at me saying how lucky I was or something like that. This person however was messaging me in a language I'm having a hard time identifying, but I think it was Vietnamese? I'm not sure.

Here's a screen shot of what he said to me:

I know it's an extreme long shot, but does anyone on these boards speak Vietnamese, or whatever language this is?

P.S. I tried google translate already, and it's abysmal:

dit con me thang suc sinh. lol me con cho. súc sinh vât. con di me mày. lol me thang vô hoc. con súc sinh
suc ladder dit me birth child. lol child for me. animal creatures. di me the eyebrow. lol me countless hoc ladder. baby animals

User Info: MrFish86

1 year ago#2
here's the deck list that I'm using, if anyone is interested:

User Info: MrFish86

1 year ago#3
Well I guess I'll never know. Maybe he's saying I'm a s***ty ladder kid that just uses Animal Companion to win, and that I have... eyebrows? I'm not sure.

User Info: aegisis

1 year ago#4
he is sayin "me so horny, me love you log time"
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User Info: SideshowBob311

1 year ago#5
If I remember my Vietnam war movies correctly, ngu means "idiot". Beyond that, all I know about Vietnam is that pho and bahn mi are delicious.
"Whether or not you can handle it, you have just heard another statement of the TRUTH."
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User Info: xxChoasxx

1 year ago#6
No idea what he's trying to say but thanks for sharing that piece of literature, lmao :D
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User Info: jordandavis7

1 year ago#7
I would just take it as a compliment
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User Info: imkindafunny

1 year ago#8
I am as Anglo-Saxon as can be, and therefore cannot help you, but I'm totally curious to know what he said!
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  3. Need help translating trash talk

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