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User Info: Zelda911

2 years ago#1

Saddest quest re-roll of my life :'(
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User Info: btaylorstl

2 years ago#2
If you have Call of the Wild, try a Beast Hunter with Tundra Rhinos. It's surprisingly effective; most decks focus on just playing single huge threats but being able to flood the board and attack immediately.
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User Info: BigEholixs

2 years ago#3
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User Info: AeternaNocturne

2 years ago#4
Play warrior, Mulligan for Varian and scoop if you don't get him
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User Info: xtreemmasheen3k2

2 years ago#5
I had that quest stack up with a 60 gold Druid quest. I think I went 5-2 with Miracle Token Druid.
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User Info: Jedibaracuda

2 years ago#6
Play Priest. Run 2 Mind Controls and a bunch of big minions. Run a few Resurrects as well. Stuff with big minions and such. Mulligan for Rag or something like that.
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