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The Amazing Viper 7 years ago#1
So this game should be coming out shortly (they say q1 of 14.) So far all I see on it is, exactly what i wanted from the testament:

Every decision you make has different consequences and leads to a different ending based off your decisions. Up to 10 different ending for each of the 6 cases. Not to mention the ability to fail and condemn an innocent person and tarnish holmes' reputation. This will even make a difference in how people will interact with you in future cases. People won't be happy about you botching an investigation. But the game will allow you to make mistakes rather than hold your hand.

I also see they took a page from the bbc Sherlock series, where key things deduced about people you walk by, pop up in a white text like in the show.

I'm excited, this may just be the Sherlock game Ive been looking for and it might be like what the arkham asylum game did for batman, but for Sherlock. I even see they added sort of a detective vision to assist Holmes much like the arkhams.

Oh and btw, am I the only Holmes fan around GFs or what? Wheres all the talk about this exciting game?
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7 years ago#2
I'm really looking forward to this game. I think it seems to also be a bit like how LA Noire was, with its decision making aspect. Unfortunately, while LA Noire was a great game, regardless of how well you did, the story didn't change at all. I think its a smart move for Crimes & Punishments to have separate stories/cases so the consequences can be much bigger as they're smaller, self contained stories pretty much.
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