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User Info: Redskies123

7 months ago#1
I’m relatively new to the series and I’ve been struggling to make a decision with the large amount of customisation available, so I’ve challenged myself to play each game in the series using the party shown on the box art. My issue is that there are two versions of the box art for the first EO game - one showing Protector, Alchemist and Medic, the other showing Protector, Alchemist and Survivslist. If I combine these, I’m still missing one...

Can anyone recommend a good 5th class to round out my Protector-Alchemist-Medic-Survivslist team?

Thanks very much for your help, I really appreciate it!

Edit to add: I’ve played the game once through on story mode, if that makes a difference...

User Info: Enfinete

7 months ago#2
If you wanr a typical party, Landsknecht would take the place easily. Sturdy warrior class. War Cry can be ridiculously good.

Another option is Dark Hunter. Takes a bit to get going but early game Viper is pretty good.
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