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User Info: PuntoKun

1 year ago#1
Why does Frederica has such a low chance of inflicting binds? Is she truly reliable as a binder? what do you think about reclassing her as a hexer?

PS: I know it might be late to ask that but my 3DS data got damaged when I was in the 5th strat and I didn't feel like playing the game again until recently.

User Info: Emonzaemon

1 year ago#2
The binding shots aren't all the great and Fredrica doesn't even have the best stat spread out of the party members for inflicting binds/ailments. Fredrica is better off focusing on damage. TEC, followed by LUC, are the relevant stats for infliction, so if you want to reclass someone to Hexer, make it Arthur.

User Info: lukeskywalker66

1 year ago#3
The actual numbers for Frederica's skills were dumped a while back, if you're curious:

The rates aren't terrible (using Boost helps) but she doesn't really have any passives to boost them. I think she has a similar enough stat spread to run as a Dark Hunter, but the story party is typically most efffective in their default roles other than Simon, who can pass as a Troubadour for more damage.
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User Info: PuntoKun

1 year ago#4
I wanted to make Frederica a binder because on my EOI and EOII parties binding relaxed me a lot, but I guess I'll follow your reccomendations!

I haven't really thought of a trob Simon, but it's a really good idea. Specially if focusing on elemental shots with Frederica, since his fantasia will benefit all the protagonist's, Arthur's and her attacks

thanks a lot both!
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