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9 months ago#1
Those have been going around, but are forgotten, so here's a quick guide to get to 999. This is also assuming you have the EXP up plan active.

Step 1: Polytan

This is from the free Fairy Fencer F DLC. Once installed, an event at Planeptune appears named Polytan. Starting the event will trigger a battle, so prepare beforehand. Equip Thunderclap Rings on your team and you'll be very resistant to their thunder attacks, which is all the four of them use. Have Weaken Enemies set on also and you'll take pretty much no damage. You'll get just over 2.4 million EXP when you win the battle. After winning the battle, you can fight them again at the Colosseum once you have them unlocked. It's the last S-ranked battle in the list named "Polytan DENGEKI Fest!". Same battle as the one you fought.

To clear the battle more quickly, have MAGES. in your party and have a Histy's Bookmark equipped. This will let her break the damage cap. It helps to have a very good staff for her also. The Taurus Rod from one of the Colosseum fights is her best equipment. Also, make sure she isn't the party leader because the enemies tend to only target the leader, but once her MEN stat is high enough, she'll just brush off the thunder attacks in which case you can let her fight alone. Use her Mechanical Paradox SP Skill twice and the enemies will all fall. Your SP will also fully recover after each win, so have fun!

Step 2: Super Iron Knight

Continue leveling from the Polytan fights until you finally reach the 450-500 mark for levels. Initiate the Super Iron Knight battle and make sure your team is buffed up to withstand their assault. I would have the best possible equipment for whoever you're using also. You could choose to do the DLC dungeons also, which would probably benefit more, but as I have not done them yet, I can't be too sure. Anyway, get to level 600+ for the third step.

Step 3: Super Brawling Characters

These four enemies are level 600 at the Colosseum and they give out close to 60 million EXP per win. Make sure your team is buffed up and you'll eventually reach level 999.
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