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User Info: JRPG

7 years ago#1
This is actually better than the PS3 version.
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User Info: katydiddd

7 years ago#2
I don't think the negativity is about one platform over another.
I think it is the let-down of Epic Mickey 2, in general.
The games had so much potential, and such great build-up -- even while Junction Point Studios was fighting about how to chainsaw the game in half, and was in the hidden process of releasing its employees and closing down.

The Vita version seems to be working well.
The biggest difference between the Vita/PS3/XBox versions and the Wii/Wii U versions is the number of game slots, and whether you can ever get "Complete 100%".


User Info: katydiddd

7 years ago#3
This interview with Warren Spector, and review, done one month after the game came out, expresses my sentiments, exactly:


User Info: katydiddd

7 years ago#4
So many people envisioned so many possibilities, and posted them on different forums:


Posted :

I can see a storyline where Mickey and Oswald go in search of their other 'brother'.
Use the storyline for "Runaway Brain", and have the Frankenstein Julius be a resurfaced Julius the Cat.
The story would be that Dr. Frankenollie, found him lost and wandering and decided to experiment on him, making him big in size. Mickey and Oswald come along and realizing that Julius is their brother, fight Dr. Frankenollie to free their brother. Unfortunately, Julius doesn't recognize him; partly due to not having met them before, and partly because he had lost his mind. And the duo must also fight him.

After all is said and done, Dr. Frankenollie has been beat, and Julius has been returned to his normal size.
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