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User Info: Bancario51

7 years ago#1
Disney kills the division that makes these games, sony ports it over. win-win?
#XboxWon (not changing this till its truth)
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User Info: katydiddd

7 years ago#2
I see your post at the bottom section of the sister site, that has months of info about the game:

Sony started the Vita before it realized how poorly programmed and truncated the extremely short, half-game of Epic Mickey 2 is. That site even has info from one of the Junction Point employees.

Have you played the game, and experienced how difficult it is to get Oswald to perform? Playing alone, single-player, you can turn on a second remote and try to get Oswald to activate a power box!

A person made an entertaining walkthrough, that began Part 1 at

Then he did a multi-player, co-op segment Part 12 with a friend at

Co-op is really difficult, even when you are in the same room, and can switch controllers and turn off Oswald. Can you imagine trying to accomplish tasks like helicoptering and zapping power boxes with someone you do not even know?
Then, will YOU take the role of Oswald, who cannot paint, thin, kill enemies, or even open doors?
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