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User Info: aggron306

6 months ago#1
I've heard from several people around the internet that this is apparently 1080p but actually playing the game there's no way that's true. Way too much aliasing and the image quality is way too soft for that. Also the frame rate is very unstable. Still a great version of the game though, apparently less buggy than other versions (Including PC) and the gamepad stuff is kind of cool
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User Info: ColorBattle

6 months ago#2
It is 1080p. The framerate is occasionally shaky but it isn't unstable. Sonic Boom and Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark are unstable....

Even if the framerate isn't locked, that doesn't mean the game isn't running 1080p. While not very many, there are definitely a handful of games on the Wii U that are native 1080p.
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