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User Info: sdcSpade

6 years ago#1
I just beat the game on the hardest difficulty without killing anybody or setting off any alarms and the only achievement I got was "Legend". Thanks, game.

Is the bug that kills people taken out with the Tranqulizer Gun in this version? I usually checked the icon on the body to see if he's sleeping or dead but I only used that and the Stun Gun a few times, I used takedowns most of the time.

I don't know which alarms could have been triggered either, I didn't look for the Smooth Operator bonus every time because I expected to hear any alarms that have been sounded. Alarms tend to be audible, it's kind of their purpose. I also go out of my way to drag bodies into hard to see places, ventilation shafts if possible. By the way, that can't kill them like a fall, right? 'Cause the bodies tend to bend in unnatural ways sometimes, especially if there are already five people stuffed in there. ;)

User Info: coreyerb

6 years ago#2
Pretty sure the sometimes-lethal tranquilizer bug is in this version, too. Others have said when you move bodies they sometimes will turn dead after reloading the level and stuff like that. I had the same thing - didn't kill anyone and still no Pacifist. Maybe I killed someone in the intro?

Oh well, the achievement is knowing you took the harder route and didn't kill anybody or set off any alarms. Who cares if the box isn't checked on the game's to-do list?
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