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  3. Who bought this game that hadn't already played it?

User Info: DoomsSD

6 years ago#11
I bought it. I hadn't played the original version as I don't have a PS/360, but I had played the previous two games in the series and was eager to give this a go.

I did NOT expect them to announce this game for Wii U, lol.
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User Info: sdcSpade

6 years ago#12
I only played the first Deus Ex before. Though I wasn't too interested in Invisible War, I still wanted to play it but my PC can't play it (yes, I just said that). Human Revolution interested me a lot more but I lacked the platform for it, which obviously included my terrible PC. Then I bought my Wii U last month and saw a Human Revolution group in Miiverse, which is how I found out this game was available on this console. I'm not sure I would have even known about the game being released on the Wii U if I had already owned the console at the time.

I had to consult a review first, though, as I am not a fan of FPS that don't use a mouse/keyboard, a Wii Remote or an N64 controller and wanted to make sure this version was worth it before I have to learn how to aim with a right stick. I had to give in after reading this was apparently the best version of the game and I have not regretting it, despite the very clunky first hours of me needing forever to line up my crosshair. It's a good thing I prefer to play stealthily and don't actually have to aim too often. As overpowered as takedowns are, I appreciate them, because I'm an old horse who cannot learn how to aim like that.

That may have been a bit of a tangent but this is the story of my purchase. Except the part where I imported the game from the UK instead of buying it here (Germany) because it cost half as much (20 bucks) for some reason.

User Info: jwillenn

6 years ago#13
playing it now (hadn't played a Deus Ex game before)

User Info: ShiNoBinn

6 years ago#14
I'll be getting this game in the mail hopefully this week, never played a Deus Ex game before
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  3. Who bought this game that hadn't already played it?
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