Homestead Miami Speedway available?

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User Info: NoOne-NBA-

9 months ago#11
Max3732 posted...
What is the rFactor/GT-R version?

After you've been accelerating in a straight line for a while before a banked turn like that what's the best way to slow down and make the turn without risking spinning out?

I have a manual transmission so I was also worried about my heel-toe downshifts while I was driving.

The iRacing tracks are made by the professionals at iRacing, starting with laser-scan maps.
The rFactor versions are mostly made by hobbyists, many of whom have all the same skills as the pros, but they usually don't have access to that type of data as a starting point.
That leaves them using pictures for reference, so some of the subtleties usually end up missing.
For what you're wanting to do, I wouldn't be afraid to use either game.

As far as braking goes, the general rule is that you don't want to turn and brake at the same time.
You want to bleed off just enough speed, in a straight line, to allow you to negotiate the upcoming turns as quickly as possible.
It is possible to brake during the turns, but that can be problematic, as you point out.
My driving instructors used an analogy where you would imagine two strings hooked to the steering wheel, one from the accelerator, and one from the brake.
The more you turn the wheel, the more those strings tighten, and the less input you are able to put on either pedal during the turn.

One thing to be particular aware of is avoiding hitting the throttle when you have tires on two different surfaces.
I can't tell from the video if there are sections on the real track where you will transition from concrete to asphalt at an angle, but those can turn deadly, really quickly, if you hit the gas too hard, during the transition.
You'll hook with one tire, and slip with the other, which can result in hooking a turn straight into the wall, at speed.

As far as practicing heel-to-toe goes, GT is one of the worst games I've ever played for that.
I gave up on using the clutch completely because the clutch simulation was that horrible for me, even after the "improvements" they made to it.
Stupidity is like insanity -- those worst afflicted by it are also the ones least likely to recognize that fact.

User Info: ramon88us

8 months ago#12
Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli has Homestead.
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