Best way to judge braking distance?

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User Info: jayj350

1 year ago#11
NoOne-NBA- posted...
jayj350 posted...
The entire idea behind driving on a race track is trying to look as far ahead as possible, this is something you learn when you are actually out racing or if you ride a motorcycle.

That's actually something everyone should learn, for everywhere.

Not doing that is the leading cause of "he came out of nowhere" syndrome.
We'd have a lot less accidents if people would look past the rear of the car in front of them.

Exactly. Half the challenge of racing is being aware of your surroundings, everything is moving so fast that you gotta constantly stay on top of things and where everything is. From there it is just knowing your limits and how far you can push them.

Getting good at a race track just takes some time. I find it is often easiest to learn the track with some test driving or time trial laps, if I am having trouble with braking points I will sometimes turn on the ideal driving line which shows you where you should be braking.

User Info: pjnelson

1 year ago#12
For me it's part instinct, based on a feel for my car's performance, and largely finding a reference point and going from that. Ideally I'd by near a distance marker, but it could be a fence, a stand, a tree, or a blotch on the track. I tend to fine-tune from lap to lap, so if I brake here and feel I could've got by braking later, I'll try later on the next lap, and mentally note that location in relation to a landmark.
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User Info: Andrew Shinn

Andrew Shinn
1 year ago#13
depends on the car & speed, as cars vary in braking ability & i tend to brake late & see if i make the turn. if not, i brake a bit earlier next time. I don't usually use track markers, but sometimes i do.
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User Info: rafamaximo

1 year ago#14
Using cockpit view help with braking. But mostly, use a landmark until you can learn the track. When you get consistent lap times, try to push harder to make better lap times.

Just make sure you make all adjustments to suspension/gear box/etc to your liking BEFORE you get comfortable. Slight changes can make the car behave completely different.
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