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User Info: BarbaricAvatar

1 year ago#1
Today i decided to break the habit and actually try out some online racing.
I found it to be fun though not without the usual bunch of childish griefers who haunt pretty much every game nowadays.

There's a current Quick Match event involving the GT86 trio (GT86, FR-S, BR-Z) around Suzuka East which i played multiple times, usually finishing in the top 3. Correct me if i'm wrong but there appear to be time penalties added post-race for bad driving, because often i ended up winning a race where i crossed the line in 3rd or 4th. I can only assume this is because i make a habit of avoiding unnecessary contact because i try to race fairly.
Sadly this appears to be the case for only a minority of players, most of which will try impossible manouevers just to gain track-position, even if it means losing a chunk of time in doing so.
That being said, i'm not put off by the whole experience. The griefers normally play 1 or 2 games then sod off, while the people who like good racing tend to stick around. In some ways it's like an obstacle course where those of us chasing laptimes have to somehow negotiate the morons along the way.

If anyone hasn't ventured online yet i do think it's worth a pop if not just for the easy money that can be made simply by staying on the track and finishing in the top 3.
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User Info: BarbaricAvatar

1 year ago#2
Just watch out for Indonesians! I only encountered 3 in my games, but all 3 were only interested in driving Destruction Derby style. Also, how does it work in peoples minds that cutting the grass of turn 2 from the exit of turn 1 is in any way a shortcut? It's faster by a chunk to do that section on-track!
If you ran the world, it would probably be on fire right now.

User Info: Lord Heimdall

Lord Heimdall
1 year ago#3
Yeah, you can have civil races on Quick Match events. The main issue why I don't play them often is the lag. Cars just "whiplash" over the track for no reason. And sometimes the game gives you a collision penalty even when there's no one around you.

And it tends to get repetitive racing the same circuit over and over. They could have made it happen in random circuits with a 5-minute "endurance" race style.
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User Info: BarbaricAvatar

1 year ago#4
I haven't had that level of misfortune yet due to lag, all pretty stable here. But then maybe i'm closer to the server location than say, Brazilians who do tend to "wobble" more often than not.

I don't mind the repetitiveness of doing the same events over and over, in fact i'm using the 350PP Route 5 event as a means of fine-tuning some low-powered cars while making a bit of money in the process. That being said everyone uses the same cars even if there's a wide open choice. The majority of the fields consist of detuned Elise's and GSXR-4's. Honestly i hate the fact that GT games allow you to select something far too good for a limited event and dominate it. That being said, i've still had some good races with other people driving "proper" cars even if it's not for 1st.

That leads me on to another thing i discovered yesterday; i don't have a selection of cars suited to racing online. It's odd that the Seasonal events don't in any way reflect the trends of online gaming. For example the most common PP limit i found last night was 500, but Racing tyres were allowed. I didn't have a single car that fell between 450 and 500PP equipped with Racing tyres; all mine have Sports at that level. After i'd become relevantly equipped i found the racing to quite boring because 500PP doesn't allow you to do much with regards to overpowering the chassis and the tyres created too much grip for anything interesting to occur. A proper snooze-fest.
It was the exact same story for the 400PP events.

After that i tried a 2 lap race at Nordschleife with some Germans. GT500 limited but at least i had one of those cars set up moderately well. And it would have been fine were it not for the fact that you can't turn voice chat off. One of them just would not stfu and commentated on his entire race, it was hella annoying. In future i shall avoid rooms with voice enabled (if that's an option).
If you ran the world, it would probably be on fire right now.

User Info: BarbaricAvatar

1 year ago#5
Not so successful today. Took a while to actually get a game going because presumably someone was attacking the servers, then when all that stopped and we could play again it turned out Wednesday is the day for terrible drivers. I don't think i had 1 single race that wasn't affected by being rammed by an idiot or falling victim to someone else's crash. Though i was driving a much more competitive car in the 350pp event today and i don't think all the Elise drivers could handle a 106 being faster than them. :D
(Still had no chance against the GSXR's despite my best efforts)
If you ran the world, it would probably be on fire right now.

User Info: Andrew Shinn

Andrew Shinn
1 year ago#6
i took my ps3 to my gfs, who later got NBN. I haven't tried gt6 online much, but the lag is non existant. Used to lag so much at home. thats what happens with crappy australian internet speeds
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User Info: rafamaximo

1 year ago#7
I don't go for online races much because people suck in online games, and weird things happen in quick race. Also, I hate when I'm doing a good lap and someone just gets me out of the track, while I get crash penalty for myself. Too much trouble setting up the steering wheel only to be pissed off.

Online is good when played between friends, only. When clubs were first introduced, I created a fairly successful one, over 60 people. But now, it's dead anyway, no one seems to get online, at least to play GT6.

Thinking now, I haven't been going even for seasonals lately... too much money and I pretty much got all the cars I wanted in garage anyway. I guess I'll take advantage of my free time last week only to get the last few stars and gold trophies I am missing in career.

If some folks from here want to play online, we can maybe setup a club or we can just add each other in PSN and schedule a few races. But quick match? No, thanks.
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User Info: Andrew Shinn

Andrew Shinn
1 year ago#8
i usually just drive around, show off my car, have some fun. maybe do some laps & try to keep up with others.
try to stay out of the way of the serious drivers

yeh a gt6 gfaqs club would be cool, might be a bit late nowadays tho
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User Info: BarbaricAvatar

1 year ago#9
The best game for showing off was Test Drive Unlimited 2 - it also had the best vinyl+paint customisation of any game i've played. I'm sure the PS3 version has been shut down long ago, and while the PC version is active there are some horrendous Armenian cheaters/hackers in it.
I haven't tried GT6 online since last week when i encountered all the dirty drivers, but i do like Brands Hatch so will probably tackle that Quick event this weekend.
If you ran the world, it would probably be on fire right now.

User Info: FSgamer

1 year ago#10
Andrew Shinn posted...
a gt6 gfaqs club would be cool,

When clubs were added to the game I created a club and held weekly races for several months.
We did proper races with qualifying, usually 30-minute races, heavy damage, realistic penalties, no driving aids, and very strict car performance regulations. There were a few guys who raced regularly, most people on this board never joined us (I guess they aren't into realistic racing), but even with a small group we had some really good races, aside a couple of incidents races were clean and competitive.
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