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User Info: poke1993

1 year ago#1
Never played thus before but it's 4.99 on PS store right now. Worth it? Is multilayer still active?
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User Info: sithgod513

1 year ago#2
I just came back to this after kinda getting bored with BF1 and I'm still loving it after all these years and yes it's plenty active. At least Conquest large is which is the only game mode I ever care about in Battlefield anyway. Still the best FPS on the market imo besides BF1 of course. This board is really dead though so don't let that fool you, The game is still very much alive.

There aren't many DLC servers that are up and running with a good population these days but there are a few full ones I've found and favorited but the Base maps are still plenty populated. $5 is a great deal lol.


I'm not sure if you just haven't played BF4 or you're new to Battlefield all together but if you haven't experienced 64 player conquest then you really should buy it. It's something to behold. That trailer gives a pretty good idea of what actual gameplay online looks like. You would think a trailer like that would just be scripted nonsense that would never happen in a match but that's basically what any match on that map actually looks like lol.
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User Info: Raigardas

1 year ago#3
Definitely worth it, but it has a faster pace than BF1 from my experience.
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