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  3. Remove weapon glitch (spoilers to be safe)

User Info: Maddogg59

5 years ago#1
Don't know if this has already been mentioned but there is a remove weapons glitch that has been found

Takes a few tries. . . . well it taken me a few tries anyway but it works.
You have to do is:
After a diving bell mission that involves jumping of a cliff to swim back to your ship (I used San Juan) When you reach your ship, grab the wheel and when Edward disappears IMMEDIATELY open the quick travel map. Now if the glitch has worked the map should be at the center, coordinates 500, 500. If not then the glitch hasn't worked, just do the dock and try again. If it has worked it does show that coordinates, then fast travel anywhere, I used a viewpoint in Havana, and when it loads up you should have lost all your weapons. First I only lost my swords and pistols, but after a few more tries I managed to lose my blowpipe and hidden blades as well.
To get the hidden blades back just load up sequence 2 mission 3 and play right to the end where you can select your weapons (right after you pickpocket the templars). When you gain control of the weapon cross, quit the game completely, it will most likely show the saving icon. Just ignore that and quit while saving. Reload the game and your hidden blades should be back.

User Info: Randomdude0794

5 years ago#2
so... with the glitch that ugly blowpipe will disappear? Yes!
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User Info: shabalakazam

5 years ago#3
I just can't pull this off for some reason. When Edward disappears I'm unable bring up the fast travel map for 2 seconds. Even if I managed to bring up the map, the coordinates would be at where I am currently, not 500; 500. Can someone please upload a video tutorial?
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  3. Remove weapon glitch (spoilers to be safe)
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