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User Info: NormnStansfield

4 years ago#1
Hi all. Finally bought Assassins Creed 4, black flag. I do a reasonably good amount of gaming, but I've never played any of the other assassins creed games, so I don't know much about the dynamic. which is being complicated by the fact that the buttons are laid out a bit non traditionally in this game and I'm working without a manual or strategy guide.

anyway... I'm finding it impossibly tough to play. the very first exchange is a sequence where you have to kill like 8 sailors and commandeer a boat, and I can't do it.

the only thing the game is telling me is press X to fight... and pressing x is pretty much getting me killed.

there doesn't seem to be much in the way of tutorial to be found here. umm.... help.
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User Info: Asetik

4 years ago#2
To do some simple kill animation. You just need to pay attention to the enemy head and position:
Standard kill/combo: Just repeatedly press Y>Y>Y on the enemy.
Counter kill: When you see the red exclamation mark(the enemy is about to attack you) on the enemy head just press A(counter) then press Y(attack) to kill.

Note that this method is for normal guard/enemy. Some enemy types such as Brute and Captain required to do other combo method such as Y>B to break their defense to kill them.

Hope this help you ;)

User Info: manukajoe

4 years ago#3
I'm in the same boat, this is my first AC game too, and I share your pain! I'm in Havana, and the guards are really hard to avoid!

Easiest way to fight I have found, is wait till they attack you, then quickly press (A) to counter, then (Y) to attack (and probably kill them).

But I think you're supposed to play it mostly as a stealth game, rather than straight up combat.

So in the section you're mentioning, it's better if you hide in the bushes, wait for one to come near you then press (Y) to assassinate. You can get rid of most of them this way.

Well done for getting to this far! I found catching the assassin pretty hard!

User Info: NormnStansfield

4 years ago#4
I'm working a love hate relationship with the game.
the total absence of tutorial really pissed me off. and i made a lot of mistakes. figuring out how to play. learning how to fight was very frustrating
I did a lot of gameplay before i even realized there were perch points and treasure boxes.
when i finally got the ship, it seemed like i was supposed to swashbuckler with abandon, but lo and behold i pirated too much and a zillion super ships turned up and kicked my ass.

it has a lot of potential. I took another break.
we're going to get another fresh start now, all the way back to the beginning.

its tough cause i don't have a good vibe for what i should be doing with myself, and5the prices of those learning mistakes are pretty dang hi.

and i still don't quite understand what if any save system there may be
the artist formerly known as southe03 and southe05.
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User Info: Zeargo

4 years ago#5
I found the Tutorial very straight forward and this was my first AC game. So I don't quite understand how you failed that.

User Info: NormnStansfield

4 years ago#6
started again last night. aaaall the way back to the desert island stranding and Havana
I'm getting through the fighting better, now. the a button block and counter thingie is the way to go, none of this attack stuff. counterattack.
i'm still doing a ton of losing, faiing and dying... here chase after this dim wit who runs faster than you in a game where if you get near a wall you stop moving and play monkey... grr.
but ... there does not appear to be any real penalty attached to dying, that I can see.... apart from desyncronizing

I wish this game had a save system. nothing but autosave for a game like this sucks. i'm constantly worrying about what is or isn't getting saved or lost.
the artist formerly known as southe03 and southe05.
Currently playing: Mass Effect 3, Halo 3
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