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User Info: Zeargo

4 years ago#1
Totally awesome game..! Can't believe I have never picked up an AC game at all. I am also finding a lot of similiar mechanics to the Batman Arkham series, which is one the reasons why I am loving it so much..!

Also on my first time playing, discovered a new and real easy method to getting that 'Tackle Sage from above' objective. Doesn't appear anyone has done this method, but its easy to use compared to a method I saw in a youtube video.

Also, some questions for those longtime AC players: I might get AC3, Should I, Is it good?? Is AC 1 or 2 really good too?

User Info: Asetik

4 years ago#2
Welcome to the series. Glad you enjoyed the game ;)

Here I can just give you some quick review for the games you mentioned above:

-AC1 > the control and gameplay mechanic is quite clunky for some gamers, and the story is just ok. I recommend you just watch the story summary for this game from youtube to get some understanding on its story/lore if you want.
-AC2 >The beginning of the awesome moment, it improved AC1 in many way such as gameplay and story. Many AC players say this one is the best AC in the series. I highly recommend you to start playing with this game first
-AC-Brotherhood >its also awesome and have much more content than AC2
-AC-Revelations >quite the same as Brotherhood but its quite meh for me as the story is quite boring and much shorter than ACB
-AC3 >I cannot comment much as I only play this game only a little bit(around 1 hour only). But most review the game is just so-so.

If you have ps3 you can pick up Assassin Creed Ezio saga where its a compilation of 3 games: AC2, ACB and ACR on one disc

User Info: Zeargo

4 years ago#3
Thanks. May just stick to this game, its just so awesome. And Just recently picked my Templar Outfit.

Just a quick question.. I know the Wii U has skipped out DLC, but is there actually any stuff that made it to the Wii U or possible of getting? Just asking, because I am interested in those special islands (Black, Sacrifice, Mysterious Islands).
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