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User Info: crawfishpoboy

8 months ago#1
Hi, I just finally got to play this and wanted to get some help on basic questions. I looked through the FAQs and some other threads about leveling and such, but I really don't understand some of the fundamentals yet. Googling also just turns up D2 sites so I'm hoping to get some help here.

  1. Does it matter what class if I just want to solo through the story and play some other PVE modes casually?
  2. Should I just dismantle equipment as soon as I have something better, any reason to hold onto lower class stuff?
  3. Really frustrating fighting the bosses, always running out of ammo. I would rate myself above average for FPS capability and I can hit the boss with like 95% accuracy or better, but he takes forever to kill so something here doesn't feel right. I'm just level 4 now, but the last 3 boss fights basically are me running around melee'ing the summoned troops to get ammo and then shooting the boss, rinse, repeat 3-4 times. Is this normal?
  4. So I'm seeing a bunch of level 40 guys just camping out at the level 2/3/4 mission taking out level 2 fallen troops. What's the point? Is that kind of grinding really worthwhile?
  5. I think I read there's no map of the levels? I'm in the soviet cosmodrome and I found an underground area that that gave my ghost a map, but I can't access it. It didn't seem like part of the mission objective so I don't get what it's for.
  6. At what level do the other modes open up?

User Info: psychward

8 months ago#2
1. No
2. Unless you want to put on all your beginner stuff for the lols yes you can just dismantle every thing as soon as you have something better. But once you get to a certain point you’ll start getting legendary quality gear. Legendary and exotic gear can be upgraded to higher light level. The way it works, say you have a legendary armor piece with a good stat roll and perks on it you want to keep. You can use a piece of armor of the same type with a higher light level to raise the level of the armor piece you want to keep. But you can only do that with legendaries and exotics.

3. That’s pretty normal at first. Especially strike bosses. Strikes are going to take you forever right now unfortunately.

4. They are probably doing bounties. Which you’ll unlock after the first few missions.

5. There’s no real map. Just the one you choose the missions from. I think the map the ghost gets is just a plot point. He doesn’t actually give you an item.

6. I think you can access the first strike playlist at level 20. Crucible is once you hit like level 5? It should be available pretty quick. Raids and nightfalls(really hard versions of strikes) are end game.

User Info: crawfishpoboy

8 months ago#3
thanks @psychward !

User Info: Spewnami

7 months ago#4
Kinda to expand upon what @psychward did alil, she's/he's right.

2- Always keep your highest Light Level (LL) items. The loot drops/encrypts dependent on your highest gear equipped. It drops, but once you decrypt gear in the Tower, that decrypted item will depend on the LL of gear you're wearing. Swap your to your highest gear when you decrypt a piece of gear. Stupid mechanic fixed slightly in 2. Still a fun game.

3- There's always level recommendations for story stuff. Like other rpgs, why not level up abit or chase some things?
6- Should be able to find it on the UI. Never threat from asking some questions.
7- Yes, The Taken King is our God.
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