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User Info: SenpaiGamer17

1 year ago#1
So beat IF 1 and 2 last year. Loved em. IF2 was the best imho. Festival was dope too.

So fired up SS today. WOW it looks beautiful and story seems interesting. So i just got to seattle. Took out my first RV before realising i have two big gripes with the game.

#1 Combat is really...dull. Like you just fire L2 R2 as if its a FPs game or something. I know SQUARE does chain attack. But is the combat really this tedious? I was fighting that armored up tank guy with the machine gun and i had to hide behind cover. As my attacks were just weak for that kinda enemy.

#2 The main menu system sucks. Dont like it.

Any advice?
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User Info: sanicmlg69243

1 year ago#2
Although I do agree that the main menu kind sucks, soon after you fight the mini gun “boss” there’s a story mission that makes you get new powers that help you take down enemies easier, plus In the mini gun fight you can hold the r2 button to release a sort of shotgun blast which is more powerful but takes some time to shoot, hope that helps :)

User Info: BlackFire555

2 weeks ago#3
The main issue this game had was it focused WAAAAAY to much on the graphics and environment and not enough on the actual gameplay. I remember all the raving about how it utilized the PS4's graphics and how realistic the city was, about the rain and blah blah blah. It's lovely but I wish they'd focused more on the actual game. Expanded out the map, added more story and more missions. For such a gorgeous game it was very short.

Video was my favorite power. Only part I didnt like was the rockets werent great
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  3. What am i doing wrong?
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