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  3. Catching the hidden guys?

User Info: mattack1

3 years ago#1
I’m playing the game on easy but can’t seem to catch the hidden guys... where you get a picture and have to find them.

First of all, it seems like I’m only randomly finding them, but when I get near, they are escaping and I don’t seem to be able to catch them or bomb them. Do I need to use a specific attack on them?

I admit I’m not as enthused as I was with 1 or 2, but bought this and the other one since they were dirt cheap on PSN.

Plus, I can play for a few minutes, do something small (catch a few police, blow out cameras, etc) and see the percentage done go up a bit!

User Info: BlackFire555

3 years ago#2
If I remember correctly the key for me was to look for them from above. As soon as you find them fire a smoke missile at them for the kill before they can run
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User Info: TerraSeeker

3 years ago#3
I playing it now and dislike those missions too. I feel like I would like them more on my evil playthrough as I could just kill everyone. I mean it's like Snow from FFXIII says if you don't know who to kill you just kill them all. But seriously I just end up chasing them hitting circle to move faster and trying hit them with r2. I think it's easier with neon as you move faster and can travel up building with ease.
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  3. Catching the hidden guys?
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