finally got this game

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User Info: Alexanaxela

6 months ago#1
never got this game cause new infinity ward basically told me to 8888 off in mw3 so i refused to give them any more of my money especially after hearing how the shotguns weren't made for the maps, however went into gamestop to buy wwe 2k14 a few days ago and saw this game in the garbage bin for $2.99 so i figured what the hell

i'm already bored out of my mind

most of the maps are dull, devoid of color, and too big, i.e. boring
pump action shotguns suck cause everything kills you in a fraction of a second from everywhere on the map
so many matches going to time limit
feels like such a struggle to even find the enemy on most of the maps
streaks are boring
i can't even finish the campaign it's all so boring

i mean damn, i heard this game was bad from... everyone but god damn this 8888 is awful
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