way harder than than NGS1 and 2?

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  3. way harder than than NGS1 and 2?

User Info: liampancakes

2 years ago#1
am i missing something or does the lack of heal items make normal mode in this game vastly more difficult than the previous games?

User Info: Brutal_Water

2 years ago#2
Ninpo gives you health back. Also, there are checkpoints between fights, so I wouldn't say it's harder than 1 or 2. If you keep dying, you at least won't get set back. Save your health upgrades for difficult sections/boss fights.

Manage your Ninpo meter wisely. Save your Ninpo until you're low on health and there are still too many enemies left. Also, equip the Ninpos with the longer meters, just in case. If you need to cast Ninpo right away and your meter isn't full yet, switch to another Ninpo with a shorter meter and cast that one instead.
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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

2 years ago#3
Steel on Bone also heals you. Longer chains give more health back.

User Info: RX_93_Nu_Gundam

2 years ago#4
The lack of actual healing items does make this game challenging.

User Info: gumx

2 years ago#5
i don't think their attacks do more damage than NGS2. you could survive a grab. unlike in NGS2 one grab = OHKO
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  3. way harder than than NGS1 and 2?

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