How do you all feel about NG: Sigma 2?

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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

3 years ago#11
Yeah, I don't even want to open Chests in Sigma 2 regardless of what's in it thanks to the loading.

User Info: WhyWontHeFall

3 years ago#12
The loading is a result of it's visuals and performance. Like Sigma 1, It's one of the few titles on the PS3 which runs 1080 / 60 . Mind you it's not a graphically demanding game as you can see by the minimalist landscaping. The 360 version runs way below that.

As far as lag, I've never experienced any in game on Sigma 2. There just aren't that many enemies, even if you drag enemies across a stage, I've yet to experience local lag.

However, in NG II, there is tremendous lag, in particular that gruesome section where Ryu returns to his village and the onslaught that awaits him.

Finally, as far as fanboyism, it really comes from people making some ludicrous statements like NG Black is better than Sigma 1 simply because Itagaki ( allegedly ) made it. Apart from some extremely minor and trivial matters, Sigma 1 is essentially the same game with added bells and whistles ( Rachel / Dual Blades / HD makeover ). Sure we're missing a costume or two but everything is there that was in black ( Ryu Clones / Bosses / Missions and so on ).

I will reiterate my preference for NG II over Sigma 2 though.

User Info: wyansas

3 years ago#13
I prefer Sigma 2 for the better balance and HP increase. I like the HP increase because it gives you a reason to learn and use the weapons' entire move sets.
That said, I hate the girl chapters as well as the essence and weapon upgrade system. I wish NG4 would concentrate on just Ryu.
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User Info: MadDragonify

3 years ago#14
Don't know about Sigma 2, but Sigma 2 Plus is my favorite game in the whole series. I don't know if it was that easy on MN, or I just became good after all the ass whoopings on Sigma 1, but it was so much FUN. I can't really describe it any other way. It was amazing. I think I will go play it again after writing this.
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User Info: MadDragonify

3 years ago#15
I guess I should mention the downsides, the chest loading screen and the upgrade system. That was it. Nowhere near enough to make me dislike the game.
The absolute worst thing about Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

User Info: Ninrin

3 years ago#16
I haven't played NGII in years, but, I recall Itagaki apologizing for the fact that they didn't finish balancing the later half of the game. I felt like NGSII is considerably more balance, and I played it way more. I like the extra characters graphical polish, Ayane had a makeover, and extra missions. People complained about the purple mist, but I didn't mind; it still looked cool. As for NGII I liked the single player Ninja Trials, and those awesome extra costumes (Why weren't those in the later NG games?). It was kinda cool that all the dismembered limbs stayed on the ground, too.

User Info: RazorX3

2 years ago#17
I actually didn't like NGS2 at all when I initially bought it back when it was brand new, but the game has really been growing on me lately. I'm on my first Mentor run and I am having so much fun with the game. Admittedly I think it is noticeably easier compared to NGII... I couldn't even make it past the first chapter on the Mentor difficulty in that game >_<

That being said, I didn't like some of the cut/removed content like the Tests of Valor and such. You can tell NGS2 had some weird game design in certain respects and it gave the game a very "off" feel as a result of some executive decisions made to alter the levels. Some of the changes I did like, such as chapter 2 being during the day as opposed to night (plus it makes sense after chapter 1 already taking place at night). But I hated how they streamlined some things like no longer being able to go into the water during the chapter 6 boss fight and so on. But ultimately things like HP increases didn't bother me a whole lot since you can get around this with using moves like Demon Cutter with the level 3 Kusari-Gama (it will delimb any normal sized opponent that can be grappled on to). And then the bigger enemies usually go down fairly quick with an upgraded DS or Scythe (Enma's Fang s pretty useful on certain enemies as well). Overall I think I appreciate NGII more from a designer perspective, but can't help to admit that I am generally having more fun with NGS2 atm. But that's probably just because I've never been very good at the NG games in general and I appreciate the less extreme difficulty in NGS2. Also I hated the IS spamming in NGII on Mentor. That just drove me insane and really killed my mojo half the time lol.
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User Info: Raeng

2 years ago#18
Personally I like both. Sigma2 is a much more streamlined and finished game from start to finish. It's framerate is solid and there's a lot of side-content. NG2 feels very broken and unfinished with tons of bugs, lag etc.

That and while NG2 was more difficult, it wasn't as fun to play for me. The whole IS-spam was challenging yes, but I'd rather replay NGS2 then go through that again.
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User Info: spartangoat1

2 years ago#19
I only got to play the original NG2 for a couple levels at a friend's place. I'd like to play it all but I don't own a 360. I liked Sigma 2 well enough, it was fun. I would rather have the gore than the purple mist but the purple was useful as an obvious indicator for OT. Playing NG2 I sometimes didn't notice I had dismembered someone when fighting a large crowd. Still, I favor the gore over the mist, just personal preference.
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User Info: coolblackknight

2 years ago#20
Give me NG II over Sigma 2.

The hectic, survival feel and intensity did it for me more so than Sigma... But Sigma looked good no doubt.

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