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User Info: FistOfFury

4 years ago#1
Are there any characters that are considered overpowered or best or are they all pretty much balanced?

User Info: LordElohim

4 years ago#2
Drobot. Some characters are definitely better than others, and some characters are downright crap. There are a few decent alternatives in Swap Force, but for the first two games, you could beat the entire game without ever switching with Drobot. In Swap Force, Magna Charge comes to mind, because he can throw enemies off cliffs, and immobilize just about anything. Terrafin is a popular choine in discussions like this, because of burrowing.

There are quite a few great Skylanders. Not too many godly ones, though.
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User Info: TGSnowwy

4 years ago#3
For Skylanders Giants:

He also did a ranking for Spyro's Adventure, but has yet to do one for SwapForce since the 16 swappers alone give 256 combinations. The rankings might have changed somewhat for SwapForce due to certain characters gaining new abilities.
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User Info: Rossmacdaddy

4 years ago#4
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User Info: motosada

4 years ago#5
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