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User Info: divinematt

6 years ago#1
Hello. Does anyone know if they are making new adventure packs for this one? I was kind of disappointed with no new packs for Giants.
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User Info: jamtoast44

6 years ago#2
It's a little too early to tell
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User Info: pikachuboy7

6 years ago#3
I hope so, I loved playing all 4 bonus levels from the SA adventure packs. I guess it just felt nice to have a few nice long levels to explore with a story that didn't constantly remind you that you need to chase down Kaos. So hopefully there will be new adventure packs this round... although based on pure guessing, i think they might re-release the old 4 adventure packs with the newer bases and maybe 4 new characters... this is only a guess based on the fact that the only AP I've seen in stores since Giants was released is the Ice Mountain... and tons of it, so just to help newer players get those levels i would assume it might even be a good idea to re-release the old levels. I do however hope for and expect at least 2 new adventure packs in SF
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User Info: Kaznasty

6 years ago#4
I really hope they make new Adventure Packs too, and I don't see them re-releasing the old ones. If they were concerned with players experiencing things from the first game, they'd get wise and release a Portal Owners version of Spyro's Adventure for all the people that didn't get into the series until Giants was released, which is a fair amount of us.
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