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  3. I dont think I can finish

User Info: Lostfan815

1 week ago#1
I've had audio issues for a very long time while playing but I've been able to deal with it but as soon as I got to Kaer Morhen it's gotten so much worse. The music and menu sound effects disappears every 5 minutes now playing without those is extremely annoying. Quitting and reloading brings it back but only temporarily. Having to quit and restart every 5 minutes doesnt make for a fun game.

User Info: jurbanik

1 week ago#2
Time for a reinstall.
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User Info: yzman

1 week ago#3
I actually just noticed I have audio issues too. I just got to Kaer and I couldn't hear some dialogue. Thought it was weird but wasn't sure if it was intentional. Then suddenly I noticed I couldn't hear many other sounds too, like my whistling etc. It is the first time this ever happened to me and I attributed it to me not turning the game off like I normally do ( I put it in rest mode because it takes so long to load up). I quit out fully so hopefully that fixes it...
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I'm in the same part of the game (though on Switch) and I'm hesitating to continue just because I'm dreading the tasks ahead in finding Ciri. Plus there's the defense of the place from the Wild Hunt coming up.
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User Info: Ilikemyname420

1 week ago#5
That's the biggest reason I avoid installing the update for the CE disc, the update basically ruined the audio. While the base disc version of the CE still has sounds go missing once in a while and some rare audio hiccups it's not 1/10th as bad as the patched version.

I honestly couldn't play more than a few minutes on the patched version, the hiccups every minute or so and the snap crackle pop every time I opened the menus drove me up the wall.
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User Info: fuzzball01

4 days ago#6
Try reinstalling, I've only had an audio bug during the crones dialog once and reloading fixed it. Since then, nothing.
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  3. I dont think I can finish
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