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User Info: Angelwings_in_f

4 weeks ago#1
I've finally decided to give this a go, but I have to admit I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with it.
I've never played a game this big, I am a huge rpg jrpg fan but my sole experience with open world games is ffvx.
So any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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User Info: rockabilly_man

4 weeks ago#2
Loot everything.
Sell all junk equipment you find but save all crafting and alchemy supplies.

Do every '?' in White orchard to help familiarize yourself with the game.
You will also find valuable crafting resources.

Craft the viper swords as soon as possible.
You'll find both diagrams and all the materials needed if you do all POIs as i mentioned above.

Manually save often, that way you can reload if you're not pleased with the outcome of a quest.

Witcher gear is the best gear.
You find the diagrams scattered everywhere so use google to find out what mercants sell the maps.

Sell your junk gear to the correct craftsman.
Weapons to blacksmiths and armor to armorers.
If the merchant runs out of money, meditate for 5 days.

All of your potions, bombs etc. refill when you meditate if you have strong alcohol in your inventory.
Alchohest and dwarven spirit that is.

That's a few tips.
I'm sure others will give you more.
Have fun
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User Info: jurbanik

4 weeks ago#3
Go back a few pages and look for similar topics.

have fun.
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User Info: Skelligepirate

4 weeks ago#4
Read every notice board when you reach Velen, this way you can make sure you're never overlevelled for a side quest maximizing xp gain.

User Info: jurbanik

4 weeks ago#5
Be prepared to spend 120-200 hours on the game.
I support real LGBT rights (Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump)!
No collusion, no obstruction = 2020 VICTORY.

User Info: Tonyjaa

4 weeks ago#6
Be prepared to fall in love with this game.

User Info: Mr Penguin 007

Mr Penguin 007
4 weeks ago#7
Read the Glossary.
There is a lot of interesting information on characters who you'd normally think were nobodies, and on monsters and stories about Geralt.
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User Info: gu-gohan

4 weeks ago#8
Most importantly:

Don't stress yourself. Take your time. At first everything is overwhelming. It doesn't take long to get the hang of it and get used to the huge sizes of the maps. Don't look into guides on your first walkthrough, or only if you don't understand a gameplay mechanic. Save often. Don't worry about experience or levels, do quests for the quests itself (the personal feeling) and not just for XP farming.


User Info: SoulOfFayth

4 weeks ago#9
Don't blow it, keep it simple, count your money.
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User Info: Angelwings_in_f

4 weeks ago#10
Thank you, I'll take all your advice on board I can already tell there's going to be a lot of depth to this looking forward to getting sucked in once I get to grips with everything. I think the only non turned based games I've played are kingdom hearts, ffvx and nier automata.
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